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CCS Presidential Election 2008

Oh say, can you see by the dawn's early light.
What so proudly we hailed...

Hi, everyone, thanks for joining the CCS Presidential Election 2008. Throughout the nine-month campaign, Sakura's BME Clinic is proud to report on December 6, 2008 that Madison Taylor has been elected president of Reedington Republic.


The CCS Presidential Election 2008 started out with the 10 nominated candidates. The campaign went on by the negative voting system, by which the least appropriate candidate had to withdraw, until only one candidate remains to be the president. Now, you can view the result of the election via the links hereunder, which includes each candidate's withdrawal interview and the reason why they were voted off.

April 26, 2008: 1st vote-count voted off Zachary.
May 24, 2008: 2nd vote-count voted off Eli Moon.
June 21, 2008: 3rd vote-count voted off Sakura Avalon.
July 19, 2008: 4th vote-count voted off Li Showron.
August 16, 2008: 5th vote-count voted off Julian Star.
September 13, 2008: 6th vote-count voted off Ruby Moon.
October 11, 2008: 7th vote-count voted off Tori Avalon.
November 8, 2008: 8th vote-count voted off Aiden Avalon.
December 6, 2008: Final vote-count voted off Meilin Rae.


I, Yuki Neco, interviewed each presidential candidate with the question: “What do you think is the keyword to make the society better? What can the government do for us?” The replies heard from those candidates are stated below. Sounds difficult? Don't worry. Those replies are merely a pretext for the campaign; they don't help your decision, I guess. Enthusiastic CCS fans like you know the personality of each CCS character throughout the TV episodes or mangas you watched and read. Let your impression guide you to decide whom to vote off. ^_^

Aiden Avalon (Fujitaka Kinomoto): I think it's important to guarantee the people's life with the welfare system. Even though you're unable to work because of illness or unemployment, enhanced welfare system gurantees the stable life. The society should offer give-and-take relationship. Although such a system needs a little tax, it's worth the pay. Learned from the history since the ancient Egypt, prosperity is the result of the system protecting the socially-weak.

Eli Moon (Eriol Hiiragizawa): We have to pay serious attention to environment. Like other creatures, we humans are supported by nature. We must not forget to be grateful to air, water, and earth. The government should inspire the people to reduce power consumption causing greenhouse effect, and simultaneously, encourage the scientific study to find clean energy. Environmental destruction is hard to recover, even if you tried to use a Clow Card.

Julian Star (Yukito Tsukishiro): Agriculture is a valuable industry, because it gives us delicious food. Do you eat sufficient meals every day? Frankly speaking, I don't eat so much to satisfy my appetite. The government should strengthen agriculture to guarantee self-sustaining; then we are satisfied with every day meals. Uh, one more thing. Did you know that biofuel is derived from corns? Ariculture is the hope.

Li Showron (Syaoran Li): Education is indispensable in a civilized country, because the society is divided into many types of specialities. I think the education have to be adapted to the present society. I mean, education have to help children find their own talent. Yes, some people have a gift for magical power—so, can I establish a school of witchcraft and wizardry ... like Hogwarts?

Madison Taylor (Tomoyo Daidouji): Diplomacy will be effective. We live in one of the most peaceful countries in the world. On the other hand, there're some pitiful countries in which they are starving or being confused in trains of battles. Diplomacy is something to support those who live in fear, with financial aid and such to help them find a peaceful solution. Furthermore, it'd be super-duper fantastic if I had chances to promote Sakura's kawaiiness all over the world.

Meilin Rae (Meiling Li): Free competition acitvates industries. Free competition triggers the improvement of quality of service and manufactured goods, because nobody likes to lose. Of course, the winner earns much profit as the reward. The fierce competition is the engine of activated market, making improvement of quality repeat time and again. Of course, I hate to lose. So, plz don't vote me off.

Ruby Moon (Nakuru Akizuki): Entertainment is the suitable keyword; the country is so plenty of uniqueness like a world of animés that I am confident we should consolidate the show-biz and entertainment facilities. Entertainment enriches people's lives, acting on the sensibility. Everybody likes something amusing, right? In addition, unique entertainment will also attracts foreign people—gaining the profit from foreign currency to enrich the economy.

Sakura Avalon (Sakura Kinomoto): I think community activation is essential. I mean, the bond of well-organized communities, instead of an extreme centralization, enriches the country. The government should support the community activation, throughout sport events or encouragement toward local industries. Uh... I kind of confused of what I'm trying to say... but... anyway, it'd be nice if all the people make friends.

Tori Avalon (Touya Kinomoto): Employment is, as it were, the mirror image of the economical potential. The government should encourage new industries and start public enterprise. That will reduce the rate of unemployment and create another cash flow in the society. It's the good thing that people are proud of themselves working to earn their lives. Yes, I'm proud of myself when I'm working—not for watching my little sister, for your information.

Zachary (Takashi Yamazaki): Advanced technology enriches the people's lives, like cell phones and computers do. The government should encourage research institutes, and organize the resultant high-tech recipes as the public domain. Technologies are vital properties of the country. Oh, speaking of technologies... did you know that Motorola R&D team is trying to miniaturize cell phones such that it's built in a tympanum cell?

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