CCS Presidential Election

The 2nd Vote-Count: May 24, 2008

Spinny Eli, I'm sorry that you are voted off this time.
Eli Hmm? You're a news reporter or something?
Spinny Don't be like that, Eli. You got interviewed by Vicky, the reporter from CCS Election News Flash, right?
Eli Yeah. I just replied gracefully to the interviewer as a good loser.
Anyway... where's Ruby Moon? She doesn't attend on the master when he is unfortunately voted off?
Spinny Uhh, she's busy with her election campaign, I guess.
Eli Uh, well... From now on, I'll enjoy voting and watching how this election develops. This election is getting more and more interesting every time vote-count takes place. At least, I knew that I would not win the election from the first place.
Spinny You foresee everything, because you're the reincarnation of Clow Reed. Then why did you run in the election even though you knew you'd lose? You have other intention than being president?
Eli In a word, yes. But now I can't tell you what.
Hey, did you see the reasons why I have to be voted off? I don't quite like it that many people think I'm so evil that I would do bad politics as if I was some sort of dark emperor.
Spinny I guess they're right.
Eli Hmph. Stupid people... it looks like they don't even know something more dreadful will happen when they get me mad.
Spinny You're a scary person, Eli...

Why did Eli Moon get voted off?

Although uncounted votes, but these reasons were submitted in the previous month:

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