CCS Presidential Election

The 8th Vote-Count: November 8, 2008

Terada Hello, here on the CCS Presidential Election News Flash, reporting the eighth vote count that took place today. Aiden Avalon was voted off, then two female candidate remain to compete onto the final vote-count. Today, we have Vicky at Aiden Avalonís campaign office.
Vicky is on the monitor displaying inside Aidenís campaign office.
Vicky This is Vicky here at Aiden Avalonís campaign office.
Hi, Mr. Avalon, Iím sorry to see the result of todayís vote-count. Your policy was heavily supported by elderly people, and youíre evaluated as the most steady candidate confronting small number of oppoenents, though.
Aiden Yes, Iím, grateful to those who have supported my policy to strengthen welfare. But today, two female candidates overpowered my policy, and thatís all.
Vicky Right, the final vote-count will be the fierce competition between the female candidates. What do you think about it?
Aiden Well, oneís for diplomacy and the otherís for free competition. Both candidates are aggressive; thatís the womenís power, so to speak. For the future policy, women's power might be...
Samantha Hey, Avalon, whatíre you trying to say? Donít tell me youíre the one who's been suppressed by womenís powers?
Vicky Itís you, Samantha Taylor; you're the leader of Madison Taylor's supporters, aren't you? Why are you here?
Aiden Actually, she sometimes gave me advice for my campaign. I believe it wasn't for disturbing me.
Samantha It may be the time for you to withdraw, Avalon. If the fortuneteller is right, your life will be shortened in the presidency.
Vicky Thatís sounds kind of mystic, so please tell us about it.
Aiden I saw a fortuneteller the other day; she saw my past life, where I was a king in a kingdom in the Middle Ages. But I died in a short term, even before the episode one started. I donít quite understand what is the episode one supposed to mean.
Vicky Oh, it mustíve been Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles.
Samantha You thought so, too? I know he doesnít deserve to be the president.
Vicky Uh-oh, the talk is getting more interesting, but itís almost the time we got. Thatís all for the report from Aiden Avalonís campaign office, reported by Vicky.

Why did Aiden Avalon get voted off?

Although uncounted votes, but these reasons were submitted in the previous month:

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