CCS Presidential Election

The 5th Vote-Count: August 16, 2008

Terada Good evening, this is the CCS Presidential Election News Flash. Today, the CCS Presidential Election has its fifth vote-count. As the result, Julian Star was voted off by outstanding number of votes of nonconfidence.
Uh, well... Vicky is reporting from Julian Star's campaign office.
On the monitor did appear Vicky and Julian sitting at the table on which there's a big plate holing a pile—literally hundreds of rice balls.
Vicky Hi, this is Vicky reporting from Julian Star's campaign office. I'm going to interview Julian Star about the presidential election and today's vote-count.
Well, Julian, I'm sorry to hear you're voted off this time. I heard you were appealing to...
Julian is smiling and eating rice balls he takes from the pile.
Julian Hey, don't you want to eat these onigiri's?
Vicky Eat what?
Julian Onigiri's. Japanese people call rice balls onigiri's.
Having no reason to reject, Vicky picks up one and takes a bite.
Vicky Wow, it tastes good! The rice is soft and nicely flavored with salt.
Julian You think so? The rice was sent from my supporters in a farm village. As I said in my campaign speech, agriculture is the vital industry that builds our strength.
Vicky Yeah, but... I'm sorry you're voted off this time. I presume you're regretful that you have to withdraw even though you have supporters friendly enough to send you rice.
Julian Uhh... it's true that I'm sorry I couldn't answer those supporters expectation. But I don't care; that's the election.
I'm not sure who'll be elsected president, because all the candidates are competent.
Vicky How about your policy—stressing agriculture as the hope.
Julian I'll keep appealing my policy, of course. And I hope whoever is elected president will understand the importance of the primary industies. We've got to strengthen the supply of food to the people.
Vicky Food crisis impending because of overpopulation...
Julian Yeah, that's right! I can't help being anxious about food crisis every time I get something to eat for lunch at 7-11.
Vicky Please explain what makes you so anxious about the crisis.
Julian When I buy so much food as to satisfy my appetite, almost half of the food in the showcase is gone. That means the store is capable of supporting only a few people's lives, right?
Vicky Uhh... I don't thins so... Haha... [Laughs nervously]
Hundred of rice balls are gone; Julan finds there are a few rice balls left on the plate.
Julian Oops, sorry. I didn't even realize I was the only one who was eating. Come on. Go ahead and help yourself.
Vicky Uhh... I'm fine... uh... I'd rather feel like throwing up just by looking at you eat.

Why did Julian Star get voted off?

Although uncounted votes, but these reasons were submitted in the previous month:

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