CCS Presidential Election

The 7th Vote-Count: October 11, 2008

Terada Hello, this is CCS Presidential Election News Flash. Today, the seventh vote-count took place, and the result is... Tori Avalon was voted off. He stated the policy to enhance employment with an intention of further economical growth.
Now, Vicky is reporting from his campaign office.
The monitor is switched on as it shows Vicky entering Tori's campaign office.
Vicky Here, I'm at Tori Avalon's campaign office.
Vicky enters the campaign office, where Tori is waiting for her.
Vicky Yes, I found Tori Avalon. I'm going to interview him about the result of today's vote-count.
At this moment something jumps from behind Vicky, then hanging onto tori.
Ruby Tori! [Hanging with her arms around Tori's neck]
Tori Hey, hey! Why are you here?
Ruby I just wanted to interview you taking over Vicky's place, but Mr. terada said no.
Tori Don't you have some other places to be? I'm busy, you know.
Ruby looks at Tori and Vicky in turn, as she claps her hands.
Ruby Wow, I'm witnessing the reunion of Cinderella and the prince!
Tori Never call me that way, please. How did you know about that thing, anyway?
Vicky Heh heh heh...
Uh, well, Tori... you were one of the most hopeful candicates at the beginning of the campaign. So it's surprising that you're voted off this time.
Ruby Uhh, that's because of me. I kept on voting against him every day since I was voted off last time. I just wanted someone to go out with.
Tori What did you say?!
Ruby Don't take it so serious. I'm just kidding.
Vicky Heh heh... [sweatdrops]
Tori I don't think you were just kidding.
Ruby Look what you've done, Tori. I guess you succeeded in voting off Li Showron by your persisting voting, right?
Tori What're you saying, I didn't.
Vicky Uh... sorry to interrupt, but...
It was kind of unique that you made speech in amusement parks and shopping malls in weekends. Please tell us why you selected those places?
Tori I just wanted young people hanging around those places to get aware of politics.
Ruby Are you serious? I guess that's because Sakura and Li hang around those places, so you could watch...
Tori Stop revealing my secret!
Vicky Now that you're voted off, and are you going to keep on appealing your policy, or getting back to one of those of your time jobs?
Tori In the course of appealing my policy, I'll resume my part time job. I'm proud of myself working. I really enjoy working.
Ruby In order to watch your little sister.
Tori Gimme a break, Ruby...

Why did Tori Avalon get voted off?

Although uncounted votes, but these reasons were submitted in the previous month:

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