CCS Presidential Election

The 3rd Vote-Count: June 21, 2008

Vicky This is Vicky from CCS Presidential Election News Flash, reporting at Sakura's campaign office.
Today, the third vote-count of CCS presidential election was held. The result is... Sakura Avalon was voted off. Here's Kero, the head of the supporters' party.
Kero is floating with his arm crossed.
Vicky OK, Kero, I'm sorry that Sakura was voted off. How do you feel when you heard the news?
Kero Not much.
Vicky Uhh... [Sweatdrops] Why do you think Sakura couldn't stand up against her competitives?
Kero I don't know.
Vicky Umm... I wonder what she will do? Will she assist another candidate's campaign, for instance?
Kero Who cares...
Vicky stands with her mouth open losing words. Sakura getting kind of upset runs to the two.
Sakura Kero, what do you think you're doing?! You look like a disgraceful actress that appeared in her movie premiere. You know, Erika Sawajiri was criticized because of her disgracefulness like that in October 2007.
Kero I'm not in the mood to reply the goddarn interview. Despite my efforts, your campaign's come to an end in three months—I'm totally depressed!
Sakura Oh, sorry about him.
I decided to ran for the campaign to make Reedington Repulic a better place, and I'm happy that I was supported by enthusiastic supporters including Kero. Conversely, I'm sorry I couldn't meet their expectation.
Kero Yeah, it's pitiful she's the third one to be voted off.
Vicky This year's election is such a big one that there were 10 candidates initially. Were you nervous having nine competitives?
Kero Yeah, she's timid when she does something new.
Sakura C'mon, Kero! Uh... yes, of course. Those candidates are so talented that I'm sure whoever elected president will make the country better.
Vicky The election campaign will last about 7 more months. Do you plan to assist another candidate?
Kero Don't forget Sakura had a lot of things to do. She has to supervise 54 spirits of the magical cards. Even though she wasn't elected president, she takes great responsibility of...
Sakura Hey, Kero, you said you were not in the mood to reply the interview. Then why do you get in my way?!
Kero I'm anxious if you can handle the interview, so I think I should reply instead of you for safety.
Sakura What do you mean by...
Ooh, anyway... I'm planning to assist Madison Taylor for her campaign. I think she'll make a good president because she cares for everyone based on her good instincts.
Vicky Oh, it's almost the time we got. Thank you very much, Ms. Avalon and Kero.
That's all the report at Sakura's campaign office by Vicky.
Kero See ya!

Why did Sakura Avalon get voted off?

Although uncounted votes, but these reasons were submitted in the previous month:

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