CCS Election News Flash

The 1st Vote-Count: April 26, 2008

Terada Today, the CCS Presidential Election votes were counted for the first month of the Election Year, then Zachary (Takashi Yamazaki) was voted off. He is such a unique character that people's impression is pole apart; supported because of his humorous speech that attracts audiences, but unsupported for his tall tales.
Well, there's a relay broadcast from Zachary's campaign office, presented by Vicky. Hi, Vicky, can you read me?
The TV screen switches to the monitor screen in which Vicky stands in an office.
Vicky Hi, I'm here at Zachary's campaign office... Uh... I'm just wondering if the viewers recognize who I am.
Terada OK, allow me to introduce her, but Vicky (Youko Nakagawa) the reporter is a classmate of Tori Avalon. She was on the 14th Aussie Episode entitled Play Misty for Tori.
Vicky Thanks, Mr. Terada.
Anyway, I'm at Zachary's campaign office, where the supporters look kind of depressed. I wonder if Zachary is here... Oh, there he is. He looks pretty normal, not depressed I mean. I'm going to interview him.
Vicky jogs to Zachary with a microphone in her hand.
Vicky I'm sorry to hear that you are voted off this time. How do you feel?
Zachary The result tells everything; that implies there're still many opponents to me. I'll keep on my efforts to present my policies to the people.
Vicky Why do you think you're the first one to be voted off?
Zachary That's what part of my speech did. Some people think I'm simply a liar. But I don't intend to fool people, it's just a spice of speech, so to speak. Conversely, it's my honor that I'm the first one to be voted off.
Vicky Huh? I don't know what you're talking about.
Zachary In the ancient Roman Empire, the cool looking man was never elected to be a senator, even if he was skillful.
Vicky Why not?
Zachary That's because the emperor cheated the vote; he was afraid that the empress might fall in love with the cool looking man when he makes a senator.
Chelsea Hey, stop lying! Look below, and you can view the reason why you're voted off; those are posted with the votes.
Zachary Hahaha... the reason, huh? Kind of scary to take a look at...

Why did Zachary get voted off?

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