CCS Presidential Election

The 4th Vote-Count: July 19, 2008

Kero Hey, brat! I came to see you here. Anybody home?
Li What do you want, stuffed animal?
Kero How dare you... I just came here because I feel sorry that you are voted off.
Li How can I believe you feel sorry about me?
Kero I guess the reporter should be here in a sec from CCS Presidential News Flash—that charming reporter.
Li Humph, that's why you're here.
At this time, the reporter from CCS Presidential Election News Flash comes up. The camera is videotaping her beginning the report.
Vicky Hi, this is Vicky from CCS Presidential Election News Flash. Today is the fourth vote-count day; the fourth candidate that was voted off was Li Showron. I'm here at Li's campaign office to interview him.
Kero Yo, girl, I'm gonna answer anything you ask.
Vicky Kero, I didn't know you were working for Li's supporters party.
Li No, he's just a passer-by, pulling our legs.
Vicky OK, anyway... You know... you are voted off this time, and how do feel about the result?
Kero I think the people made a good decision. Suppose this brat makes a president; I almost have no hope for living in this country.
Li What?! Back right off, stuffie. Sakura had to withdraw just in three months because of your clumsy stage-management.
Kero I dare you to say that again, kid! Alright, kid. C'mon, I'm ready to fight!
Sakura Kero, what on earth are you doing?!
Sakura runs to the scene as he catches him by the collar.
Sakura Uhh... go on the interview, please. We're leaving. Sorry 'bout him.
Kero Hey, Sakura, let me talk to that charming reporter just a little more.
Ignoring Kero caught in her grip, Sakura dashes as fast as she can out of the campaign office with a blush of embarrassment.
Kero Looks like your life's been spared for today, kid.
Kero's voice fades out with the Doppler effect.
Li Uh, well... I regret that I was voted off. But I'll sit back and watch who'll be elected in the end. I think the other candidates are surely talented.
Vicky I just heard... the rumor said that you would select Zachary as the vice president if you had been elected president. Was that true?
Li I can't figure out where the news source is... But the rumor is true. He is a very talented politician, I think. As for this campaign, too, he sometimes advised me on speech and things. Huph... I shouldn't have accepted all his advices, should I?
Vicky Heh heh... some part of his advice could be...
Now the votes were counted four times for this presidential election, but at the first vote-count, you were the likeliest candidate who had the least votes of nonconfidence. Did you know that?
Li Gosh, I didn't know that! That means this election is quite unpredictable. And I'm grateful to the people who support my policy. And my campaign has been managed by my supporters party directed by Wei. I owe him a lot.
Vicky Thank you, Li.
That's all for the report from Li Showron's campaign office, reported by Vicky.

Why did Li Showron get voted off?

Although uncounted votes, but these reasons were submitted in the previous month:

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