CCS Presidential Election

The 6th Vote-Count: September 13, 2008

Terada Hello, everyone. This is CCS Presidential Election News Flash. Today the sixth-vote count took place, and Ruby Moon got voted off.
Here's the relay broadcast from Ruby Moon's campaign office, but the reporter is Koichi Kono that acted as an assistant of Professor Avalon's at the Aussie episode 22. Acutually, it was Ruby herself who name the interviewer this time.
The monitor is switched on, on which Koichi is standing in front of the entrance of the campaign office.
Koichi I'm now here at Ruby Moon's campaign office to interview her about today's vote-count.
Ruby Hi there, it's you, Koichi. Why don't you come on in?
Ruby, finding the tall reporter with a brown straight hair, motioned him in the office, with her usual hyper smile.
Koichi Uh, yes, Ruby...
Ruby Please, come in, come in.
Ruby pushes Koichi on the back into the office, guiding him to a coach. When he sits in the coach, she takes a seat in the diagonal position.
Koichi Uh, Ruby, let me start the interview. The first thing I want to ask you is: why did you summon me instead of Vicky?
Ruby Simple question. I'm in a depression when I'm just voted off. Then how should I want to talk with a girl?
Koichi Haha... [Sweatdrops] I guess I'd better not ask more questions about that.
You stated the very unique policy... that you stressed entertainment facilities and show-biz. So please tell us about your intention of your policy.
Ruby I don't think there's anything special. As I said before, entertainment is the bestest keyword concerning Reeding Republic. It is never a strange idea when you think about Las Vegas and Hollywood. I know some Japanese governer once insisted that they should build big casinos in Tokyo, right?
Koichi It seems you had a lot of opponents of your policy. They tend to rumor that you want to be the president just on a whim.
Ruby Uhh... I kind of wanted to name Mandy Moore as the vice president if I had won the election... making use of presidential privilege.
Oopsie, forget it... I know some people think I'm crazy, but what's wrong about it? Everybody likes something fun. I think it could be the vitality to activated the country. Besides, I survived for nearly six months in the campaign because I was supported by many people conversely, don't you think?
Koichi Uh, yes. Now I'm sorry your voted off today, but are you going to keep on appealing your policy of strengthening show-biz?
Ruby Uh, I'm not sure... but I guess the square thingie like politics is not my cup of tea, because I'm too cute. I'm not a human, and I may not have interest in politics...
Oh, what am I saying? Please cut this comment, will you?
Koichi I'm sorry, this is a live broadcast, Ruby...

Why did Ruby Moon get voted off?

Although uncounted votes, but these reasons were submitted in the previous month:

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