CCS Presidential Election

The Final Vote-Count: December 6, 2008

Terada This is CCS Presidential Election New Flash. The final campaign was a fierce competition between two women: Madison Taylor and Meilin Rae. The final vote-count elected Madison Taylor as the president of Reedington Republic with a big lead.
Okay, first, here's the relay report from Meilin Rae's campaign office.
The monitor is turned on to show the relay broadcast, where Layla Mackenzie stands in front of the campaign office.
Layla Hi, this is Layla Mackenzie reporting from Meilin Rae's campaign office. I'm going to interview Meilin who was voted off at the final vote-count.
She enters into the office and walks closer to Meilin seemingly in a bad mood.
Layla Hi, there, Meilin, the final campaign was such a fierce competition, but...
Meilin Why you?! How come you're here, instead of Vicky as usual?
Layla Oh, it's impressive of you shooting a question before the interviewer could ask anything.
Kero Hey, little girl. It's Mr. Terada's smart tactics, sending a grown-up to handle someone obnoxious like you.
Meilin Who let this creature in here? What do you mean by that?
Layla Keroberos, I'm interviewing her so please step aside, okay?
Well, Meilin, we must admit that you are supported by many people just because you survived the repeating vote-counts to the final. Based on the results of the campaign, what do you think of your policy?
Meilin Yeah, I know people don't like to lose like me. Competition is something to activate people.
Kero I might have underestimated you, lille girl. You always played the clown in CCS TV show. So when you started the campaign I thought you just devised some kind of sense of humor, but...
Meilin Shut up.
Meilin snatches Kero's tail and swings him round and round before hurling him to the other side of the room.
Layla Well, Meilin, [sweatdrops] you're aggressive and don't like to lose. Then I presume now that you're disppointed.
Meilin I'm disappointed, yes. But it's okay that I'm defeated by Madison Taylor. I know she's awesome; she'll make a good president, I'm sure of it.
Layla Wow, you're graceful to say something like that. Some people worried that you might be hysterical to be voted off, but such people will be impressed by the side of yours.
Kero floats unsteadily back to the women.
Kero What're you saying, lady? Look at all the stuff: desks, chairs, computes, and such scattered all over the place. Seeing this big mess and chaos, I can imagine what just happened a few minutes ago, or what.
Layla Hey, don't be like that, Keroberos. You just stay quiet even though you have figured that out.
Meilin You, robotic toy, get the heck out of here! [Smashes Kero down]
Layla Uh-oh... [Laughs nervously]
Okay, anyway, that's all the report from Meilin Rae's campaign office.
The TV screen turns to Mr. Terada in the studio.
Terada Thank you, Layla. Perhaps there will be another fuss in her campaign office, all right.

Why did Meilin Rae get voted off?

Stay tuned for interviewing Madison Taylor that was elected to be president.

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