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Cardcaptor Sakura Episodes

Cardcaptor Sakura TV series is divided into three seasons: two Clow Card Seasons and Sakura Card Season. The TV series consists of 70 episodes throughout those three seasons. Here, all the episodes are listed up; the summary of each episode can be viewed.

1st Clow Card Season

A fourth grader Sakura Kinomoto one day stumbled across the Clow Book in her fater's library, and accidentally broke the seal on the book letting all the magical cards inside out in town. Kero, the stuffed toy-like gurdian beast, named her the Cardcaptor to recapture the cards before they could cause a disaster in ther world. Furthermore, Syaoran moved in town to capture the Clow Cards competitively, but he soon becomes friends with Sakura. Card capturing is not a picnic for an ordianry ten-year-old, but Sakura is working on the mission with the help from Kero and her friends.

1Sakura and the Mysterious Magic Book 19Sakura and the Summer Vacation Homework
2Sakura's Wonderful Friend 20Sakura and the Fighting Exchange Student
3Sakura's Heart-throbbing First Date 21Sakura's Long Marathon
4Sakura's Exhausting Sunday 22Sakura and Her Kind Father
5Sakura, Panda, and a Cute Store 23Sakura, Tomoyo, and Lovely Songs
6Sakura and her Memory of Mother 24Sakura's Mini Great Adventure
7Sakura's First Challenge as a Thief? 25Sakura and Another Sakura
8Sakura's Rival Appears! 26Sakura and the Wonderful Teacher
9Sakura and the Mysterious Brooch 27Sakura and the Shrine of Memories
10Sakura and a Flowery Athletics Meet 28Sakura and the Incantation Cards
11Sakura, Tomoyo, and the Big House 29Sakura's Sweet Cooking
12Sakura's One Endless Day 30Sakura and the Injured Card
13Sakura and Elephant's Strength Contest 31Sakura and the Nameless Book
14Sakura, Touya, and Cinderella 32Sakura, Kero, Syaoran and...
15Sakura and Kero's Big Fight 33Sakura's Chilly Ice Skating Experience
16Sakura and the Rainbow of Memories 34Sakura, Yukito, and the Daytime Moon
17Sakura's Scary Courage Test 35Sakura's Wonderful Christmas
18Sakura, Yukito and the Summer Festival

2nd Clow Card Season

A year passed since she became the Cardcaptor, Sakura has captured almost all the Clow Cards. Her magical power has been growing strong every card she captured. In order to save the world from the threat of the Clow Cards, she should capture all the cards in time. But there turns out to be one more thing to do. When she has captured all the cards, the other guradian Yue appears to test her...

36Sakura and a Snowy New School Year 42Sakura's Totally Dark Literary Fest
37Sakura and the Disappeared Voice of Tomoyo 43Sakura's Farewell to Meiling
38Sakura's Happy Strawberry Hunt 44Sakura, Kero, and the Mysterious Teacher
39Sakura's Dizzy Day of Fever 45Sakura and the Final Clow Card
40Sakura and the Sakura in the Dream 46Sakura and the Final Judgment
41Sakura, Syaoran, and the Sea of Sand

Sakura Card Season

Mysterious things start to happen in town even though Sakura has gotten all the Clow Cards in hand. Surprisingly, some unseen force disables the Clow Cards against action, so she has to transform the cards into the cards of her own magical power to use them. Every time a mysterious thing is going on Sakura senses the presense of Clow Reed who should long be dead... but what does it mean? Besides, in the series of adventures, Syaoran develops his romantic feeling toward Sakura.

47Sakura and the Mysterious Transfer Student 59Sakura, Tomoyo, and the Ball Trap
48Sakura and the Awakened Key of Star 60Sakura and Her Precious Friend
49Sakura and the Dangerous Piano 61Sakura, Card, and Present
50Sakura, Syaoran, and the Invisible Threads 62Sakura and the Mysterious Fortune
51Sakura and the Huge Stuffed Doll 63Sakura, the Pool, and the Big Wave
52Sakura's Sheep Warning 64Sakura and the Snow-blowing Ski School
53Sakura and the Panicking Bicycle 65Sakura, Yukito, and Disappearing Strength
54Sakura and a Calendar of Memories 66Sakura's Most Important Person
55Sakura and Sakura in Wonderland 67Sakura, Syaoran, and Tsukimine Shrine
56Sakura, Kero, and a Candy Date?? 68Sakura, the Past, and Clow Reed
57Sakura, Li, and the Elevator 69Sakura and the Reappearance of Clow Reed
58Sakura's Big Problem 70Sakura and Her True Feelings

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