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Cardcaptor Sakura was twice applied into films; the first one came out in 1999, and the second one on 2000, originally in Japan. Now luckily, the English versions of both of the movies have been released. This section contains information on the English version of those movies.

Cardcaptors the Movie

The first movie was dudded by Nelvana and released on DVDs in January, 2002. Because of the studio who did the dub, the movie was changed into Cardcaptors not Cardcaptor Sakura, with its plot was alterred according to Nelvana's philosophy.

1 Winning to Hong Kong Script
2 Mystrious Birds Script
3 Different Dimension Script
4 Showdown Script

Cardcaptor Sakura—the Sealed Card

The second movie was dubbed by Bang Zoom! Entertainment and released on DVDs in November, 2003. The dubbed version is excellent with almost no change from the original version, and of course all the names of the characters and the places remained unchanged.

Voice Cast

1 Unexpected Reunion Script
2 Negative Power Script
3 Nadeshiko Festival Script
4 Important Feelings Script

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