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Here's the list of websites of recommendation. They are cool sites, and worth a look.

CCS/CC and Anime Links

Cardcaptors Dreamland
Contains character bios, costume gallary, and enjoyable games.
Cardcaptor Torika
Composed of original comics of adventures of Sakura's daughter named Torika.
CCS Episode Transcript Project, The
Contains transcripts for all the CCS episodes including OAVs.
CLAMP-NET.COM (Japanese)
CLAMP's official website!
Kawaii Sakura Shrine
Enormous site with tons of info and original projects.
Little Miss Kinomoto
Fans' design of new Clow Cards, list of Yamazaki's lies, Naoko's stories, and Nakuru's interrupts.
Macky Realm
Contains character info, episode guides, and voice actors for Philippine version.
Michael's Cardcaptors
Contains tons of info: merchandises, internationals, and news related to animes.
My Stories, My Love
Full of S+S fanfictions, which are enjoyable to read.
Sakura Dream Cartes (French)
Tons of info with movie clips, music of not only French but other languages versions.
Sakura Loves God
Tiny but deep CCS facts and made-up interviews submitted by fans.

Other Anime Links

Anime Fanfic from Overseas (English/Japanese)
Contains fanfics from all over the world.
Data base site containing tons of fanfics of various shows and movies.

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