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This section shows the list of the people who crossed milestones of Sakura's BME Clinic—so-called kiriban. A kiriban is a Japanese word meaning a lucky number seen in the hit counter you got— such as flat numbers like 5,000 and 6,000 for example. Addtionally, some other cool numbers can be a kiriban, such as ascending or discending numbers like 12,345 or 7,654, and as matching numbers like 22,222. Maybe some people may insist that 31,415 could be a kiriban because it's associated with the number pi.

Anyway, if you think you got a kiriban in your hit count please let me know by e-mail or the guestbook. I'll add your name in the list if your kiriban is qualified.

List of Kiribans

Hit CountVisitor's NameDate
40,000Yuki Neco (self-bombed)May 6, 2006
23,456redeemermattSep 26, 2004
15,000Natalie Jan 25, 2004
7,777CHERRY Jun 12, 2003
4,600CHERRY Feb 21, 2003
4,500geng-kaat31Feb 18, 2003

self-bomb: (of the webmaster) to get a kiriban accidentally. This word is the translation from the Japanese word jibaku.

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