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Gifts I Received

Here's the precious gifts I was given by those who support my website. I am really grateful to them for taking their time to make those gifts for me!

Anyway, they took a long time to create those stuffs, so please respect their works. It's OK to view them as much as you like, but do not steal any of those in any case.

From Saffy – February 14, 2005
This picture is the Valentines's Day Gift from Saffy.
From Saffy – December 23, 2004
Season's greetings from Saffy of SLG Network. The wirlpool and bubbles are beautiful in harmony.
From Sakura Sakuya – June 24, 2004
Sakura Sakuya gave me this pretty Sakura for celebrating 100,000 hits of Japanese site of BME Clinic.
From Sakura Sakuya – February 1, 2004
The Valentine's Day pic from Sakura Sakuya. Syaoran is seen through the heart shaped hole. Doesn't he looks cool? Thanks, Sakura, for sending me this pic.
From Guchuan Guisi – August 2, 2003
Guichuan Guisi sent me this mid-summer greetings pic. You see there's a sentence on the pic, which means “Enjoy your summer,” in Esperanto.
From Yumi and Mirai – July 20, 2003
This pic is the kiriban award of FEATHERS for I hit the 30,000 in the hit counter of the website. Sakura in this pic looks really pretty dressed in a witch's outfit.
From SAKURA Sakuya – June 3, 2003
This picture is for a celebration of the first anniversary of Sakura's BME Clinic. Li on this pic, kind of blushing, looks cute. Did you notice the color of his jacket? It's green, his favorite color. Thanks!
From Yumi & Mirai – February 11, 2003
This picture was sent for me for Valentine's Day. Isn't it cute? The pic is neatly composed of all pinkish colors. I am grateful to Yumi and Mirai for giving me this good work.
From Yumi & Mirai – February 4, 2003
Yumi and Mirai from FEATHERS sent me this pic. Really kawaii picture, isn't it? Yumi was the one who draw the pic, and I like her pics so much, you can view other drawings of theirs in the website of FEATHERS.
From AzianWolfDoll – September 25, 2002
Azian, from my affiliate site CCSakuraholics, gave this pretty Chirstmas picture for me. See? It is drawn really fine, deshou? I love this pic, thanks a lot, Azian! ^_^
From AzianWolfDoll – September 19, 2002
How kawaii Azian drew me, wow! I love this pic!! This one is an animated GIF that Yuki Neco is wagging his tail and blinking his eyes. Kawaii!
From AzianWolfDoll – September 13, 2002
This itadakimono (gift) is literally a surprise pic! It's actually a GIF image and the background is transparent so I can use it as a web material. But I haven't decided where to use it yet. Thanks, Azian! ^_^
From AzianWolfDoll – August 27, 2002
This sketch is the sign of friendship of Azian and me, which is entitled “Tomodachi,” the Japanse word meaning friends. The wolfie is the one that represents AzianWoldDoll herself, ne.
From AzianWolfDoll – August 27, 2002
The colored version of the pic above, that's cute, isn't it? See Yuki Neco is sitting in the rainbow, wearing the collar also colored like rainbow. The rainbow thingies were inspired by my trademark. ^_^
From AzianWolfDoll – August 27, 2002
Hey, this cute cat is supposed to be me, Yuki Neco. Yuki Neco means snow cat in Japanses, so Azian (from CCSakuraholics) drew the white cat for me.
From Yumi – August 9, 2002
This cute Sakura is FEATHERS's first anniversary picture, and Yumi sent it to me as the sign of friendship. FEATHERS is one of the precious websites that has exchanged links with my site. Click the small image on the left to view it in its original size.

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