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Want to Join?

Enthusiastic fans, do you have your own fan works that you want to show off? Those of you who love CCS/CC can join the Fan Works section, exhibiting your works. I am ready to receive your works, but hentai (X-rated) ones are no-no.

For each work, the copyright belongs to the respective author/artist, so please do not steal the others' works.

If you like to exhibit your work in this section, please make sure of the following guideline.

Fanwork Submission Guideline

  1. The work you send to me must be your original. In any case, do NOT send me a work done by anyone else. Your fan work is copyrighted only by you who created the work.
  2. Enclose your work in an e-mail to:
    For fanfics, text files, MS Word files, and HTML files are accepted. For fanarts, GIF and JPG files are acceptable.
    Your email should be titled validly like “BME Fanfic Entry” or stuff. If the email has no title, or the fanfic sentences are mixed up in the email, your email might be discarded as spam.
  3. The email must include your nickname to be referred to as the copyright holder. The name is taken as the decalaration of the copyright.
    When you like to change your nickname to indicate, let me know.
  4. For fanfiction entries, your work may be translated into Japanese so that visitors at my Japanese site can view your work. If you do NOT want your fanfic to be translated, let me know.
  5. If your work contains something highly undesirable for the website, your work is rejected without notifying. If your work didn't appear in the website within 3 weeks, that means the work was rejected.

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