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Here's some free materials for you, which were made by Yuki Neco. You're totally allowed to use them for any non-profit purposes, however, Yuki Neco still holds the copyright of those works, so please don't pretend you created the materials. If you use them in your website or any kinds of documents that is subject to view by unspecific people, place a copyright indication such as “CCS character GIF icons by Yuki Neco, Sakura's BME Clinic,” or any similar ways. Placing a link to this website on the copyright indication would be nice, but is not necessary.

How to Download

Click the Download icon, and a download dialog will pop up. Follow the instructions on the dialog, then the material will be downloaded in your PC, which is compressed in a ZIP file.

If a download dialog never shows up...

Right-click on the Download icon, and in among the pop-up menu, click save the target.

GIF Icons

PreviewDownloadLast Updated
48×48 Mini-Char Icons
Download Oct 22, 2002
32×32 Mini-Char Icons
Download Oct 22, 2002
48×48 Battle Mode Icons
Download Oct 21, 2002

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