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Sakura's BME Clinic (referred to as BME Clinic hereafter) is a fan site of Cardcaptor Sakura and Cardcaptors for non-profit purpose. The webmaster has no vested interests with the copyright holders of the either titles, namely, CLAMP, the creator group of orginal mangas (comic books); Kodansha Ltd., the comic book publisher; NHK and NEP21, the broadcasting corporatives of Cardcaptor Sakura; and Nelvana Ltd., the distributor of Cardcaptors, the English dubbed version.

Copyright Issue

BME Clinic is composed in accordance with About Creative Activities with CLAMP Works guidelined under Information section of CLAMP-NET.COM. Although most of the contents in the website are written in Japanese, the guideline is particularly stated in English as well. As the guideline states, CLAMP permits any creative activities related to CLAMP's work in the form of fanarts and fanfictions, and conversely prohibits any use or reproduction of CLAMP's artworks, such as the cover and contents of the comic books, images on various merchandises, by scanning, photocopying, tracing, or electronic means.

Therefore, all the contents found in BME Clinic are the webmaster's works unless otherwise specified. The exceptions are the fanworks, fanfictions, messages posted in the message board, and web-creating ideas, whose copyright holders are indicated respectively therewith. All the works are the intellectual properties ascribable to the respective copyright holders, and therefore none of them shall be accepted to be used without explicit permission from their respective copyright holders, for either individual or public purposes.

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