A New Set of Wings


Sakura has a dream, a different one than she had before she became the mistress of the Cards. In the dream, she is seeing Clow Reed in a garden, feeling seasons changing before her eyes. Sakura tells Kero about it, and he advises her to remember and listen to her dreams so that she can use it.

Sakura and Madison make a stop at a craft store, and Eli and Li come along with them. It's that Sakura wanted to buy a toy kit since she plans to give Julian her handmade teddy bear for his birthday. When Sakura finds a toy kit Eli comes up with thread he just bought, so she asked him if he is sewing something, then he replies there are many uses for thread. Later on that evening, she starts making a teddy bear and she finds it harder than she ever thought. She groans at her awkward work that looks rather like Kero than a bear, for which Kero gets mad. At this time, Sakura and Kero sense a mystical aura, and go out and summon Li and Madison. Strangely, Li gets out of control and tries to slash Sakura as if he was being possessed. Struggling against the force maneuvering him, Li uses his water magic, which reflects the light showing he is being pulled by thread. Sakura cuts through the thread with the Sword Card. Of course, behind Li was Eli pulling the thread he bought.

Another day, when Sakura is thinking about the mysterious things that has been happening, Eli comes up to and sits next to Sakura on the bench. He makes an advice on her teddy bear that the ears should be smaller and be placed higher up on the head, when he secretly applies his power inside the ear. After dark on the evening, Sakura comes to Julian's house to give him the teddy bear she just made, where Madison is videotaping her. The moment Sakura hands him the gift, it grows gigantic and stomps its paw where she stands. Julian transforms into Yue and cradles her into the air. The bear blocks Yue's attack, then he runs out of his powers and falls with Sakura. Luckily, Kero transforming into his true form catches them safe on his wings. Only running away from the bear means she allows the bear to destroy Julian's house, though. Yue points out that the bear is moved by magical powers, and Keroberos suggests Sakura find the source of powers inside the bear. She can sense the focal point in the ear, so she jumps up to cut off the ear with the Sword Card, then the bear smashes her on the roof. She has to use the Fly Card instead, however she can't use Fly and Sword at a time, because both affect on her aspect of the staff. Pleading with the Card that she needs the Sword Card together, Sakura transforms the Fly into a Star Card, then she comes out with a set of wings on her back. Consequently, she can use the Sword while she is Flying, therefore she succeeds in cutting the ear off the gigantic bear. The bear immediately shrinks back to normal, and a piece of paper flutters out the ear. She gasps at the moment she reaches the paper, on which was drawn a magic circle that represents the Clow Cards.

Changes from CCS Episodes 50 & 51

CardcaptorsCardcaptor Sakura
The plot went so fast! The plot was originally two separate episodes.
Sakura's dream at the beginning was adopted from the CCS episode 68 when Sakura went back into the time of Clow Reed. Sakura didn't had such a dream.
The scene implying Li's yaoi feeling was cut. Yue tells Li that he was fooled by the power of magic coming out from Yukito.
Tomoyo's explanation on a teddy bear's birthday was cut. Tomoyo said in CCS that they defined the teddy bear's birthday when they name their teddy bear and tie a ribbon around its collar.
It wasn't mentioned that Li also bought a toy kit for Sakura. Syaoran bought a toy kit, too.


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