Running Out of Time


When Sakura is raking the leaves on the lawn, Eli on his way home from grocery store volunteers to help her. He uses the chance of moving the bike, and applies his magic to it through the seat. She doesn't notice him doing evil. Tori is supposed to study out that evening, but he drops back at home to take his notes. He senses some evil power casted on his bike, so he warns Sakura not to touch it. Then he drives a car out to study.

As soon as she walks back into her room, Sakura collapes on the bed, then Kero says that transforming Cards into Star Cards needs much of the master's energy. When Sakura opens the Star Card Book, the transoformed Star Cards float around her lively, and besides, Clow Cards does not move an inch. She got shocked at the weariness she feels on the Cards. Kero tells her that she has to transform all the Cards, so they can use Sakura as a channel of the power to take in. Converely, if she cannot transform them in time, they will run wild searching for a new source of powers, that can cause huge natural disasters. Scared of imminent disasters, Sakura tries to transform all the Cards at once. She manages to transform seven Cards, but the eighth Card, the Dash, got confused because she didn't give them a direct order of what to do. Stuck between Clow's magic and the Star's, Dash gets out of the house, takes over Tori's bike, and dashes out in the street. Sakura and Kero try to catch it.

The panicky Dash is so fast that Sakura can not catch up with it even using the Windy Card. She needs some help and calls Li with her cell phone, and says the runnaway Card is headed for the library. The Card climbs the wall up on the library, then Sakura tries to catch it with the Jump Card. She doesn't reach it and naturally falls, but with some luck, Li shows up and catches her safe with his wind magic. Li uses his lightning magic against the Dash, but Sakura holds him back because the Dash is just in a panic. She uses the Loop Card to confine the Dash in a spot, then Dash can't get away no matter fast it runs. She finally has Windy Card to catch the Dash Card, and soothes it in an embrace. The Dash ends up in quietness, and turns into a Star Card. Sakura promises Kero that she will wait for the necessity of transforming the Cards before she uses them to help her, and of course one by one at a time. Just because of the enormous fatigue, Sakura falls asleep immediately.

Changes from CCS Episodes 53

CardcaptorsCardcaptor Sakura
I didn't know Tori had a driver's lisence. That was supposed to be Fujitaka who left home driving a car.
If Sakura can't transofrm all the Cards in time, the Cards run wild serching for a new source of energy. Futhermore, if the four Element Cards got together, they could cause huge disasters like tornadoes and floods. If Sakura can't transform all the Cards in time, Clow Cards will lose the magical power, and to become a powerless ordinary Cards.
Sakura explained in the last scene that Windy could catch up with Dash because Loop confined it in one spot. No reason was mentioned, although the Dash is too fast for the Windy.


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