A Strange New Beginning


Sakura's class have a transfer student from England, whose name is Eli Moon. He looks calm and nice, but he stares at Sakura when he introduces himself to the class. Surprisingly, he already knows her name. As soon as Sakura got home, it starts to rain. The Clow Book glows inside Sakura's desk drawer, and when she opens it, she hears Clow Reed saying Sakura is about to take on a treacherous journey as if she was in a mystical dimension. When she gets back from the mystical dimension, she and Kero senses another mysterious presence. Meanwhile, TV reporter says that the torrential rain is confined to Reedington.

Sakura, Kero, and Madison comes out to Reedington Park for investigation. All of a sudden, rain swirling above them and starts blasting thusts of water to Sakura. She faces the whirlpool of rain and enchants across the key to the seal, but the key won't change its form no matter how hard she tries.

Next day, Sakura tells Li that her magic was suppressed. He somehow knows that strong powers are at work around them. So Sakura needs his help. Tori and Julian are looking at them through their high school window, when a girl named Ruby jumps onto Tori and tells him the teacher is wating for him. When Tori is gone, Ruby kind of provokes Julian, but he has no clue what it meant.

In a dark room, Eli and a cat-like creature with wings named Spinny are talking about the new master of the Clow Cards. Eli seems a little happy that Sakura senses his presence, although she does not know what it exactly is. At this time, Ruby comes into the room, with a confidence that their mission will be an easy job.

Sakura, Madison, Kero, and Yue are back in the park for another try. Then blasts of rain starts attacking just like the day before, but Sakura's magic does not work. Unfortunately, each of them are swallowed in a pillar of rain. Inside the pillar, Sakura comes out with a new spell of power of the star, thereby the key turns into the staff and she succeeded out of the pillar. Furthermore, Sakura transforms the Firey Card into her own Star Card, then it evaporates all the water and clears the sky. However, Sakura ends up sleeping from the serious fatigue from using a lot of her powers.

Changes from CCS Episodes 47 & 48

CardcaptorsCardcaptor Sakura
Two CCS episodes combine into this single episode, so the plot developed very fast. The plot was orginally in two separate episodes.
Name changes: Moon Family consists of Eli Moon, Ruby Moon, and Spinner Sun. The counterpart is: Eriol Hiirgizawa, Nakuru Akizuki (Ruby Moon), and Suppi (Spinel Sun).
Spinny never talked about Ruby's gender. Suppi mentioned Nakuru should wear a boy's uniform.
Sakura calls Kero as Keroberos when he was not the teeny-weeny form. Sakura doesn't call Kero different names whether or not he is in the true form.
Sakura transforms the Clow Cards into Star Cards. Sakura transforms the Clow Cards into Sakura Cards.


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