The Past, the Present, and the Future


Julian is eating lunch with Sakura and Tori at Sakura's house. After lunch, Tori leave his house for the library, when Julian says he will meet him there after he helps Sakura with cleaning. When Tori is gone, Kero flies downstairs to call Yue out of Julian.

It is that Kero had Sakura invite Julian because he has something to talk to Yue. The two guardian sense strong powers have settled in Reedington, and Sakura will face another quest. Although Clow Reed never told them what would happen after the Final Judgement, but it is clear that the Cards have to withdraw magical powers from Sakura instead of Clow Reed onward. Therefore, Yue is anxious that Sakura is not sufficiently experienced, but Kero defends Sakura reminding Yue of her card captures.

Yue confesses that he is coming to like Sakura, but mentions that the competence as the master is different. He doesn't accept it that Sakura could not capture all the Cards herself, always depending on someone else. Besides, Li Showron is a little disturbance to him, because Clow Reed never said anything about having two Cardcaptors. Conversely, Kero claims that knowing when to ask for help is her strongest asset. Kero tries to assure Yue there is no worry about her abilities.

Yue points out another defect about Sakura that she was so impulsive that she made some bad decisions in the past, even at the Final Judgement, too. Kero defends her that she has learned a lot throughout those bad choices, and ensures him that Sakura is the one who is destined to be the master. Kero points out that because Yue chose her as the master means that he knows that in his heart, and then Yue finally admits her.

Next morning, Kero is warning Sakura that she will face another challenge one of those days. Meanwhile, suspicious figures in shadows are wandering around Sakura's house.

Changes from CCS

CardcaptorsCardcaptor Sakura
This episode is Nelvana's original highlight collection of Cardcaptors, which was made of patchwork of falshbacks. The conversation of the guardians came from CCS episode 48 and 58. The scenes in Sakura's room were from episode 48, and those in the living room were from episode 58. Additionally, the last scene was from CCS episode 47.


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