The Mysterious Painting


Sakura in a museum for her field trip witnesses a mysterious incident. When a little boy tried to slash one of the paintings, everything goes silent for a few seconds. It was very mysteious, but she did not sense any spiritual kind so she thinks it might have been the work of a Clow Card.

When Sakura talks to Kero about it, he pronounces that the Silent Card must have done that. But he does not know a lot about the Card because it never talks. Sakura, Tomoyo, and Kero sneaks into the museum they have an hour of time before the guard's patrol. They happens to see a boy sneaking in the museum, who turns out to be the boy who tried to slash a painting in the daytime. In fact, the boy named Alex was not trying to slash it, but to fix it up. The painting was the work of Douglas Mills, his deceased father. It was his last artwork, but was taken over by the Silent Card; Alex thinks someone must have painted the woman over it, so he wanted to peel it to fix it up.

All the kids walk to the painting, and Madison distracts Alex for Sakura to use the magic. Unfortunately, Alex gets excited and practically shoults, then the Silent Cards send them out in the courtyard with its magic. Next, he accidentally drops his tool clattering on the floor, they are teleported outside again. And next, when Kero sneezes and Sakura assumes his sneeze, the same thing happens.

It is almost the time for the guard to come around, Sakura refrains from going inside the hall, but Alex walks to the painting alone. He run into the guard on patrol, and got caught. Sakura has the Shadow Card thrust the gurad off him through the glass of window, so he escapes. Subsequently, using the Shadow, she successfully seals the Silent Card.

When Alex comes back out in the courtyard, Sakura shows him the painting from which the Silent Card was taken out. At this mement his cap slips down and long hair comes out. Alex is actually the girl in the painting. Totally delighted Alex thanks Sakura and Madison, and runs home waving her hand.

Changes from CCS Episode 7

CardcaptorsCardcaptor Sakura
The kid Sakura saw in the museum was Alex, who was the child of the painter Douglas Mills. The kid Sakura saw in the museum was Yuuki, who was the child of the painter Tenkai Tachibana.
Li showed up at the last moment, when he already knew Sakura. Syaoran, who hadn't known Sakura yet, were following the track of Clow Cards.


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