Under the Weather


In a rainny morning, Sakura wakes up and feels all fuzzy in fever, however, she pushes herself hard to go to school, because she has to work on a project with her group at school. In math class, Sakura is so dizzy that Ms. Mackenzie finds out Sakura is sick, and has Madison take her to the font office. They call Tori and he takes her home on his back in rain.

Setting Sakura in bed and checking her temperature, Tori goes down to the kictchen to cook her something to eat before taking medicine. Meanwhile, creepy layers of clouds are swirling over Reedington, when she senses the mystical presence and gets out of bed. Although it is the work of the Cloud Card, Kero tries to stop her from going for a capture, and warns her that, if she went out, she could catch pneumonia and Tori gets suspicious. Recklessly, she has the Mirror Card take the place of her, and leaves her house on the Fly. She finds Li and Meilin are already in action.

On the other hand, Tori comes into Sakura's room with pottage, and the Mirror Card sits up to eat it. However, Tori, knowing the girl in bed is not Sakura, tells the Mirror Card not to tell Sakura that he already know of her spiritual activities. Meanwhile, back at the scene of capture, Syaoran slashes through the cloud with his blade. When he sets the clouds on fire with his incantation, the Card shows its visible form, then Sakura seals it. The sealed Card floats to Li, but he gives it to Sakura.

Back at home Sakura gets much worse, panting in bed from fever. As Tori is about to calling a doctor, he sees their deceased mother Natasha come down. She gently pats Sakura on the forehead, her temperature immediately gets lowered, Sakura falls asleep in peace.

Next morning, Sakura come down to the dining room for breakfast, getting quite better. She says “thank you” to the picture of Natasha, as she somehow knows her mother was bedide her the night before.

Changes from CCS Episode 39

CardcaptorsCardcaptor Sakura
The scene implying the Tori × Ms. Mackenzie romance was cut. Ms. Mizuki summoned Touya with her mind power, and told him that Sakura is sick.
The flashback was added when Tori noticed the girls in bed wasn't Sakura, which was from the Double Take episode. But I think the flashback was longer than necessary. Touya immediately knew the girl in bed wasn't Sakura, but no flashback scene are shown.
Sakura doesn't know anything about Tori's spiritual powers. Sakura knows Touya can see ghosts.
The thermometer read in Fahrenheit. The thermometer read in Celsius.


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