One Fateful Day


Sakura and Li are flying over the wirlpool of sand, when they are trying to captured the Sand Card. Sakura shifts into the flashback mode, back to the day when she became a cardcaptor.

One day, on getting home when nobody else is at home, she finds the Clow Book in her father's library in the basement. The moment she reaches the book, the seal on the book is broken. Opening the book, inside are the magical cards she finds. As soon as she reads aloud the name of the first card she takes, which is the Windy, a gust of wind blows out all the other cards away. Immediately after the accident, a stuffed animal-like creature comes out of the cover of the book. He is the guardian beast of the seal of the Clow Book, whose name is Keroberos or Kero for short, and who tells Sakura that the Cards she scattered were the magical cards called the Clow Cards. The Clow Cards are so mischievous that they have to be recaptured before it causes a disaster in the world, therefore Kero makes Sakura be the Cardcaptor to capture all the problematic escaping Cards.

Meanwhile, the Fly Card turns into its visible form and goes on a rampage in town at night. It looks like a gigantic bird sending out a powerful wind when it flutters. Timidly facing the first Card to capture, Sakura encourages herself and gets on top of the Fly, which flies up high in the night sky with Sakura on its back. However, she has Windy tie up the Fly, and then suceeds in capturing the Card.

Changes from CCS Episode 1

CardcaptorsCardcaptor Sakura
The episode began with the battle against the Sand Card (CCS episode 41), and shifted into the subject in the form of a flashback. The episode began with Sakura's dream of Cards and Tokyo Tower.
Never mentioned that Sakura had a prophetic dream. Sakura's dream was to turn out to be a prophetic dream.
Sakura was able to read “Windy” without stammering. No wonder, she's an English speaker of course. Sakura read “Windy” stummering.
“I'm not old enough to be a cardcaptor,” and “Yeah, you're old enought to let the Clow Cards loose.” Great dialog, it's funnier than the CCS counterpart! “I'm not old enough to be a cardcaptor,” and “Who did blow out the Cards with Windy?”
Sakura on her own knew the spell to call out a magic. Kero in advance taught Sakura how to use the magic.


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