The Final Judgement


Sakura is really confused, why she has to fight against Yue that is originally Julian, and why it did not come to an end at the moment she sealed the last Card. Now, all before her eyes are what she previously saw in her dreams.

Yue hypnotizes Sakura again, so she uses the Jump Card to hop to the radio tower where Yue is wating. She gets back to her conciousness at the moment she gets to the roof of sight-seeing point on the tower. She refuses to fight because she does not want to hurt Yue that is originally Julian. When Yue blasts crystalline bullets, Sakura takes off on the Fly. Yue follows her around the tower, and keeps attacking her. She is thrusted onto the tower time and again, and finally crashes onto the roof of the sight-seeing point. She is caught in a dilemma that a disaster will befall the world if she is defeated, and she does not want to hurt Yue at all. All she is thinking is how she can get through without hurting him. This kind of thought makes her use the Wood Card, which is a wrong choice. The Wood is under Yue's control, so he turns the magic against her to bind her tightly with the vines. The disaster to befall the world is to forget about the chapter of life concerning the Clow Cards. Sakura's vision gets blanked.

Sakura wakes up on the alarm, and hurries downstairs, but something goes strange. Tori does not tease her, or they do not have the picture frame on the table. Things are funny in the school, too. Madison is no longer her best friend, and Li has changed the same way. Sakura's life is no longer as exciting as ever. After school, she impulsively walks to Julian's house, but it was deserted, then she feels really lonely. When she is almost breaking into tears, voices are coming to call Sakura's name. She can hear every voice around her calling her name.

Sakura gets back to her conciousness and blow the restrctive vines off to set herself free. Behind her stands Ms. Mackenzie, who just summoned her back to the conciousness with the Bell made by Clow Reed. When Sakura cheerfully asks her staff to guide her actions, her staff changes its form. Releasing the Windy Card with the new staff, Sakura succeeds in trap Yue inside the wind cage. Then Yue recognize Sakura as the master of the Cards. In closing her eyes, Sakura sees Clow Reed, who has been actually watching her. He says that the new staff was made by Sakura herself on her star power, not by the sun or the moon. Further, he assures her that her star power will grow brighter to light her way all the time.

Sakura wakes up on reaching the ground where their friends are waiting. She has become the mistress of all the Clow Cards. Yue is still anxious that Sakura's power is insufficient to control all the Cards, so Keroberos suggest they hang out with Sakura in their temporary forms, and come and help her if she needs.

Changes from CCS Episode 46

CardcaptorsCardcaptor Sakura
If the candidate for the master loses the final judgement, anyone having anything to do with the Clow Cards would forget the chapter of their lives concerning the Cards, to ensure that the candidate couldn't take the final judgement twice. If the candidate for the master loses the final judgement, anyone having anything to do with the Clow Cards would lose the loving feeling to the person they love the most, to remove the sorrow from the Cards who all loved most the candidate of the master.


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