The Last Card — Part II


The ground shakes and rumbles, and further, suddenly buldges up like gigantic pillars in some places. This is the work of the final Clow Card named Earth. Sakura uses the Sleep Card to make people all around them sleep, and soars up on the Fly, leaving Li to take care of the others.

Sakura can see cracks and buldges of the ground that is destroying the town. Next moment, a golem looking like a dragon appears to attack Sakura. When Sakura chops its head off with the Water Card, it grows back. Kero says the attack Cards will take no harm on the Earth Card, and tells her to search for the Card that has never let her down because no Card can overpower it. Gazing all over the ground when jumping on the Jump Card, Sakura notices that no trees are knocked down despite in that violent earthquake—trees have their roots tangling into the earth. Then she made up her mind to use the Wood Card, from which vines spring out to tangle around the golem. Sakura has finally captured the final Card, when Kero turns back into his true form looking awsome like a tiger.

Madison notices that—Sakura, Li, and Ms. Mackenzie—all who know about the Clow Cards are there accidentally. As soon as Sakura has signed the Card, a chilly wind begins to blow, and surprisingly, Julian turns into a man with long gray hair and wings. Kero explains that he just turns out to be Yue, the second gardian of the Clow Cards ruled by the moon, who has appeared to judge if the candidate deserves to be the master of the Cards. First of all, Yue picks Li up on the rood of the temple, and told Li to defeat him. Unfortunatelly, Yue turns the Time Card magic against Li, just because the Card is controlled by the moon. Li is badly beaten up by Yue, and is sent back to his friends.

Yue hypnotizes Sakura and lifts her up on the rooftop of a building. She finds herself facing the radio tower just like in her familiar dream, and then Yue declares that her judgement has just commenced.

Changes from CCS Episode 45

CardcaptorsCardcaptor Sakura
Name change: Sakura captured the Earth Card. That was originally the Earthy Card.
It is hard to explain why Kero was suddenly panting on a roof, because a scene was cut. The removed scene was: Sakura used the Firey, but the Earthy turned it against at Sakura, then Kero took Sakura away from the attack biting her collar.
Sakura's gang were explicitly suspicious of Ms. Mackenzie that she might be Yue. Sakura's gang had no clue where Yue was.


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