The Last Card — Part I


In the familiar dream, Sakura stands on top of a building facing the radio tower, on which she sees Ms. Mackenzie, and furthermore there is someone else this time. She can see the figure in shadow that has long hair and wings on the back. Just at this time, the alarm clock goes off, and Sakura reaches the plush doll instead by mistake. On Sunday though, she has to wake up early in the morning, since she planned to cheer Julian in the archery competition with Madison and Li. Kero feels a little strange about the outfits the plush doll is dressed in. Actually it had been given by Madison a week before the seal on the Clow Book was broken, which featured Sakura in a costume Madison made. More surprisingly, the costume looks exactly like that Sakura in the dream was dressed in.

Madison and Li come to pick Sakura up, before she has finished packing the lunch boxes. Besides, Kero insists he wanted to go out with them this time. They take train to get the temple where the competition takes place, which was near the radio tower in the dreams. Julian is an excellent archer that every arrow he shot hit the center of the target, and then he has won up the tournament to the final. His oppenent in the final happens to be Ms. Mackenzie. She is a good archer, too, and the final looks like an endless match. During the fierce competition, Kero pokes his head out Sakura's backpack, as he senses a strong magical power. At the moment Kero mumbles “Yue,” Ms. Mackenzie gets distracted and misses by a mile, then Julian wins the championship in the end.

Later, Sakura, Madison, and Li have lunch with Julian in the garden of the temple. But Sakura finds out Kero took off when he is supposed be hiding in the backpack. Sakura runs around the temple and catch him talking with Ms. Mackenzie. She has such a strong magical power that she has known about Kero from the biginning.

When Sakura's gang are walking home with Julian and Ms. Mackenzie, the ground starts shaking and rumbling like an earthquake. That is the work of the final Clow Card!

Changes from CCS Episode 44

CardcaptorsCardcaptor Sakura
Looking at the radio tower, Sakura on a train remembered back when she captured the Dream Card. It was an unnecessary flashback, though. Looking at the radio tower, Sakura on a train remebered the dream she had in that morning.
They didn't mention the name of the radio tower. Of course, the radio tower is Tokyo Tower.
Tori didn't show up in a bear suit with balloons. When Sakura and the others are on the way home, Touya shows up in a bear suit.


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