Meilinís Story


Meilin comes to the classroom in depression; her family have to be back home because her grandmother is sick. Li arrgantly spits out that losing Meilin will not be a big deal, because she has no magic powers. Meiling gets mad at him, and runs away in tears. When the class is over, Sakura impulsively invites her to sleepover, all because Sakura wants to make up with them.

That night, Meiling enjoys the pizza Aiden baked, in Sakura's room. Sakura tries to cheer her up saying that Li never thinks of her as the pain. But that is what she also understands. Actually, it is Meilin herself who is always worrying that she may be in the way of Li. She is frustrated that she can not help him in spite of her will, because she has no magical powers.

After they turned off the light, Meilin admits Sakura for doing anything good although she acts like a klutz. Sakura blushed when Meilin assured her that she will soon get better off. Conversely, when the topic shifts to Li, Meilin talks about herself. She has been trying hard with the training together with Li, because she has believed she would get the hang of magic. But she didn't. She didn't like him at first because he never spoke or smile, he was always serious instead. One day, when she was crying over her bird that flew away from the cage, Li took off to look for the bird. Soon it started raining, and he never came back for hours, until he found the bird and brought it to her. That was the first time Meilin saw the true kindness inside him, and she fell in love with him before she knew it. At this time, Sakura senses a Clow Card on the loose.

The active Card turns out to be the Twin Card, which has cloned everything in town. The Twin Card has two separate bodies, the cardcaptor has to defeat them exactly at the same time to seal it. Sakura and Li try to attack each of them, but the plan does not work. Furthermore, when they exchange the signals for synchronization, the Twin Card catches onto it and escapes. Then Sakura suggests that Li and Meilin are the ones who can beat the Twin Card, because they can move together at the same time without signaling because they were through the training together since they were little kids. Like the way she expected, Syaoran and Meiling are jumping, back-flipping, and attacking the same time, so each part of the Twin Card ends up beaten up at the same time. Finally, Sakura seals the Card, and it floats to Li and Meilin. He quietly mentioned that he has never thought Meilin was in the way, so she feels a relief.

Next week, Sakura, Madison, and Li are in the airport to see Meilin off, and Wei is to take her back to home. Back in a good mood, Meiling smiles at them saying good-bye, when she boards.

Changes from CCS Episode 43

CardcaptorsCardcaptor Sakura
This episode may offend Li/Syaoran fans. Li said that losing Meilin wouldn't be such a big deal for capturing Cards because she has no magic. Li heartlessly told Meiling to go back to Hong Kong, because her mother told her to on the phone.
Meilin's grandmother got sick, and her family needs Meilin and her parents back home. Meiling's mother phoned Meilin in Japan, and told her to come back to Hong Kong.
When they put light out, Meilin said Sakura was a kind of klutz but she'd soon grow out of it. When they put light out, Sakura told Meilin about how she fell in love with Yukito.
Flashbacks of Fight Card and Cloud Card are added, even though they were lame. Such scenes were shown.
Meilin had been training because she wanted to get the hang of the magic like Li. Meilin had been training martial arts together with Syaoran, but not magic as she has no magical powers.


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