Sakura in an aquarium for her field trip witnesses a mysterious accident. In the penguin show she is enjoying, there was a whirlpool in the tank and a penguin and the trainer are almost drawned. Sakura's brother, Tori, who is working there by chance saves them from the whirlpool.

Sakura reports her findings to Kero eating pancakes, when Tori comes home, so she tosses Kero upstairs like a stuff animal then he gets mad in Sakura's room. According to Kero's opinion, the mysterious acciedent in the aquarium was the work of the Water Card. He tells her to choose two allies among Windy, Shadow, and Fly, because they are first 3 Cards she captured so they were the most advantageous Cards for Sakura. Kero refuses her to tell exactly what to do, as this is the test.

Sakura is lost in thought, but she made up her mind to go again to the aquarium where she thinks there was an answer. She bumps into Julian in front of the aquarium, and he takes her to the tea room in th aquarium saying that he wants to buy her snack. When they are in the tea room, the tank cracks to flood the tea room. Under the water, Sakura sees the whirlpool tangling around her ankle. Julian breaks the door to let the water out, so Sakura comes out safe. The tiny comment he makes the next minute sounds to Sakura as a tip for the capture.

Sakura sneaks into the aquarium at night with Madison and Kero. She chooses Fly and Windy as the allies; she provokes the Water Card and draws it into the freezer. As she expected, the Watery freezes in the chamber, then she easily captures it. That means she passed the test.

Changes from CCS Episode 3

CardcaptorsCardcaptor Sakura
Even when Sakura was talking about what had happened at the aquarium, Kero hardly listened to her but demand pancakes Sakura made. Waiting the pancakes Sakura is making though, Kero was listening to Sakura talk about what had happened at the aquarium.
Sakura had already captured many Cards, and she had to choose the two allies, from among the first three she had captured, to capture the Water Card as the test. Kero said it was impossible to capture the Watery Card, because she had only three cards.
Sakura bumps into Julian in front of the aquarium. But it seemed he got in the way. Sakura and Yukito went out on a date to the aquarium, where he intended to buy her a shaved ice cone in return for the pancake.


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