Stormy Weather


Sakura has the dream of the radio tower and Clow Cards again, in which she faintly recognizes the someone standing on the tower in the shadow could be Ms. Mackenzie. Then Kero wakes her up, warning that Li could capture all the Cards while she was sleeping. It is the first day of her new semester, Sakura has become a fifth grader.

On the way to school, Sakura find her good luck, that Julian gives her a late birthday present. Furthermore, she is surprised and delighted that her new homeroom teacher turns out to be Ms. Mackenzie. When the teacher talks about unusual weather, it begins to snow despite the time of year.

It is still snowing when Sakura gets back home. She unwraps the gift from Julian, the inside is a lovely wristwatch. She wears the watch with joy. When she is cooking dinner, Tori comes home soaked with snow. Surprisingly, the snow is about three feet deep outside. It is the work of the Snow Card.

Sakura, Maidson, and Kero come to Reedington Park for a card capture, then they see Li and Meilin come. All of a sudden, a blizzard occurs, and it follows Sakura and Li everywhere they run. The blizzard seems like attacking the ones with magical powers. Sakura and Li take on the Fly and rise up in the night sky. No matter how fast they fly, the swirling blizzard is trying to swallow them. Sakura finds her wristwatch gone in the escape, so she gets mad, stands on the archway of a shrine, and releases the Firey Card. The Firey thaws all the snow in town, and helps Sakura seal the Snow Card. Afterwards, when Sakura is crying over her wristwatch, Ms. Mackenzie shows up and gives her watch back. The teacher walks back into the shrine with the sound of a bell.

Changes from CCS Episode 36

CardcaptorsCardcaptor Sakura
Flashbacks of Sleep and Wood Card captures were added in the show. Anyway, I doubt if they were necessary. None of such flashbacks were seen, but Kero mentioned that Sakura captured some Cards during her spring break.
In Ms. Mackenzie's first class, kids agreed to go out for a nature walk—Ms. Mackenzie settled it from a minor opinion. In Ms. Mizuki's first class, kids agree to go out in the playground to play dodgeball. That was the dominat opinion from all the kids.


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