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Sakura's takes a practice to make a dumpling with Aiden in the kitchen, but she is scared of the spitting oil, and can't cook. Aiden encourages her to try another chance, saying there is no trick in making dumplings and all you have to do is to follow the recipe.

Besides, those magic cards selling in Maggie's store are the rage in Sakura's class. There are different types of cards for each kind of wish, and the rumor says that they can make your wish come true. As the matter of fact, Nikki successfully makes it on the vault in PE class despite her anxiety, which she believes is due to her Jump Card. Strangely, those cards looks more or less like the Clow Cards. Sakura and Madison stops at Maggie's store on her way home for an investigation. Maggie says those cards kind of arrived from the company she has never heard of, and did not even expect they would sell that well.

Next day, Sakura and Madison come to the store, when Sakura senses a Clow Card. All she senses is that the Card was in the store and has gone. Maggie tells her that the Card was the Shot Card bought by one of Sakura's friends. The Shot Card turns out to be an aggressive Clow Card, so Sakura has to hurry up and find who bought it. Taking a risk, she flies in the daytime, and meets with Nikki and Chelsea, however, neither of them has it. According to Chelsea's findings, Meilin may be the one who bought it. When Sakura is about to take off, Li joins her.

Guided by Li's Lasin Board, Sakura and Li arrive at the rooftop of their school, where Meilin is standing. Unfortunately, Meilin activates the Card, and it turns into its visible form starting to attack Li. Sakura uses the Mirror Card to reflect its shot back at the Shot Card, and captures it.

Later at home, Sakura succeeds in cooking dumplings, and Kero mentions that the cards are no magic cards, and you can make your dream come true as you put your mind to it.

Changes from CCS Episode 28

CardcaptorsCardcaptor Sakura
Name change: The owner of Twin Bells is Maggie. The owener of Twin Bells is Maki Matsumoto.
Flashback of the Jump Card capture was added, but I doubt if the addition is necessary. Such a scene was never seen.
When the Shot Card is called by the name, the first one the Shot sees becomes its target. That means, as Madison pointed out, once you read its name on the card, you'll immediately be shot. The Card was activated by the keyword “shoot” or “aim.”


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