The Third Element


Sakura dozes off in class and has a dream, in which she stands on the rooftop of a building facing a radio tower and sees someone with long hair. When Sakura tells Madison about her dream on their way home, Madison advised her to ask Kero about it. But Sakura insist she should find the answer herself, because she think it is a test.

During the drill team tryouts next day, she feels anxious that Kero might leave her when she has captured all the Cards. Meilin said she should ask Li. Sakura is try to call Li on her cell phone, but she hesitates, so Kero push the speed dial button for her. However, the one who answer the phone is Julian, not Li, then she gets to go to the winter carnival with him.

Kero and Maidson secretly follow Sakura to videotape her in the carnival. Sakura and Julian meet Li and Meilin in the carnival. Acutually, Meilin is going to distract Julian, so Sakura and Li will be able to talk about Clow Cards. Four of them enjoy the attractions, before stopping for lunch, where Sakura plans to make a chart with Li about the Cards. Nevertheless, the illuminations on the wire catch on fire, and the fire spread. Li freezes the time with his Card, and Sakura has to make the people around them sleep with her Card before the Time magic breaks. The fire spread in the Wind Sakura called upon, then Kero appears to advise she has to use Windy and Watery at the same time, as it is the Firey Card, an attack Card, one of the four elements. Difficult as it is, Sakura tries the double release, and it works. Sakura finally has captured the Firey Card.

While Sakura and Julian are enjoying the Ferris wheel, Kero flies in and decorates the night sky by sprinkling the embers with his strengthened power due to the Firey Card.

Changes from CCS Episode 35

CardcaptorsCardcaptor Sakura
The dub of this episode is horrible, ruining the original plot. This episode was originally a sweet Christmas episode.
Sakura's class had the drill team tryouts. That was a usual PE class, not the drill team tryouts.
Sakura asked Julian to go out on a date by mistake. She intended to call Li instead. Sakura managed to ask Yukito to go out on a date.
Li was walking like a tin soldier because he had become the drill team captain. Syaoran was walking like a tin soldier because he was nervous about being with Yukito he was in love with.


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