Ice Breaker


The weather is so cold that the road in front of the school gate is frozen. When Sakura steps on the ice on her rollerblades, she slips and falls. Sakura feels a little anxious about the skating trip of next day, as she has never skated on ice.

Sakura has a strange dream, in which she is standing on the roodtop of a building facing a radio tower. This time she can see someone standing on the tower, who has long hair and yellow eyes. Sakura wakes up in the morning with her head down out the bed.

In Ice Pond Palace on the field trip, Sakura sees Madison skating, and she tries but soon she slips down. Li and Meilin can not skate either, since they were brought up in a warm place. Guided by Ms. Mackenzie, Sakura is learning how to skate. On the other hand, Li is practicing by himself because he is suspicious about Ms. Mizuki.

After the lunch time, it gets freezing at the rink, and all except Sakura and Li (and Ms. Mackenzie) are frozen. It is the work of the Freeze Card, looking like a big fish swimming underneath the ice. In the successive Freeze's attacks, Sakura crashes on the wall of ice, and faints. And Li wakes her up and tells her about his plan that he will draw the Card out of the ice so she can seal it. Provoked by Li, the Freeze Card jumps out of the ice, and at this moment, Sakura seals it. The sealed Card flies to Li, and then the temperature rises back to normal.

Changes from CCS Episode 33

CardcaptorsCardcaptor Sakura
Where Li and Meilin came from was not clearly mentioned, but anyway only it was revealed that they were from warm region, and not used to cold weather. It was clearly mentioned that Syaoran and Meiling were from Hong Kong.
Tori is overprotective of Sakura, worrying Sakura could be hurt if she slipped and fell. That night, Yukito stayed in Sakura's house to study together with Touya.
Who made Sakura's lunch wasn't mentioned. Touya and Yukito made Sakura's lunch.


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