The Switch


In capturing the Change Card, Li and Kero's minds are exchanged because of the Cahnge's magic. To say simply, Kero is in Li's body, and Li in Kero's. To get their bodies back, they have to wait for 24 hours when the Change's magic is sufficiently weakened.

When Kero in Li's body goes back to Li's apartment, Meilin is waiting for his return because he promised to make soup for her. Kero, cooking for the first time, made a bad tasting soup, and talks like Kero, so Meilin feels something strange. On the other hand, Sakura takes Li in Kero's body home, and Tori takes Julian home. While Sakura is downstairs, Syaoran sneak out of Sakura's room to practice flying with Kero's wing, but he can't. He ends up falling off the kitchen window.

Next morning, Sakura takes Li in Kero's to school, where they see Kero in Li's body is acting like a game character. Sakura and Li warn Kero to keep his low profile in the backyard, when Madison comes and notices their minds have been switched. Later, Kero still giving them a creep, when in a soccer game he runs on all fours. On the other hand, Li is accidentally taken out from the classroom mistaken for a toy. After the class, Meilin finally notices their minds have been switched, but it was after Mr. Terada took him out. They follow him, and find that Li in the crain game in the toy store, then Kero in Li's body play the game to get him out, spending Li's money though.

Later, they go back to the park, and Li and Kero hug each other when Sakura uses the Change Card. Then they finally get back in their bodies.

Changes from CCS Episode 32

CardcaptorsCardcaptor Sakura
Meilin was in Li's apartment because of the appointment that Li would cook soup for her. No wonder that Meiling is in Syaoran't apartment. That's because they lived together.
Sakura insist Li sleep outside in the tree. Syaoran said he shouldn't sleep in Sakura's room, and jumped out the window himself.
Sakura accidentally disclosed Li and Kero's minds being switched. Kero in Syaoran's body posed for Tomoyo's camcoder, so she knew their minds had been switched.


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