Dragon Slayer


Nikki, a fantasy lover, is reading a tale of dragon. Besides, Li senses a Clow Card in the lunch time. After school, Nikki wants to stop at a bookstore, so Sakura's gang drop in on a book store on their way home. Nikki buys this mysterious book without title, meanwhile Sakura is sensing a Clow Card in the shopping district.

Later on that night, Sakura and Madison come back to the shopping district for a card capture, when Li and Meilin show up. They see a gigantic cat as big as a rhino walks toward them. They try to run away from the cat, but Meilin trips and falls, then she gets caught by the cat. When Li gets armed with his sword to rescue her, the cat let Meiling go and rubs its cheek onto Syaoran. That is the work of the Big Card. Meanwhile, Sakura finds where the Card is at work, and seals the Card.

When the four kids and Kero walking in the park, they see a princess float across their path and disappears. Sakura gets scare thinking it was a ghost, but it was the work of the Create Card. Its user happens to be Nikki, since the book she bought on the way home is the Create Card. Strange creature coming out from her imagination, a panther, hippo, horse, and so on appear around Sakura, they all have wings and swirling eyes. Finally, a giantic dragon appears and head for the downtown, so they can not leave it alone. Sakura uses the Big Card to grow as big as the dragon, and fight against it. Since she does not know how to overwhelm dragon, she is nearly defeated. Fortunately, at this time, Nikki stops writing her story, then the dragon begins fading. Sakura gets on her feet and captures the Create Card.

Changes from CCS Episode 31

CardcaptorsCardcaptor Sakura
The scene that Touya calls Sakura a kaijuu was cut. Touya teases Sakura just like usual, and Sakura wanted to grow as big as a lamppost and stomp on him.
Meilin liked to share her lunch with Li, because her mother made a big lunch. Note that Meilin does not live with Li. Meiling liked to share her lunch with Li, because she made it for Li.
Sakura was willing to use the Big Card to fight against the dragon. Sakura didn't like to use the Big Card because she was embarrassed to grow gigantic.


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