The Race


At night, Sakura is chasing the Dash Card on the Fly, and when it gets tired she has the Windy bind it to capture. But the Dash Card struggles so hard that it is snapped back into the air, and crashes in the yard of a house. Sakura tries to enter the yard for capture, however, she has to go out of the spot because a woman takes an officer as she saw a bizarrely-dressed girl. The one who lives in the house is a Jessie, who treated the Dash's wound and decides to take care of it.

Next day, according to Madison's plan, Sakura tries to enter the yard pretending to be a baseball player looking for her ball, but it does not work because Jessie hands her the ball before she can step in. After school, Jessie is training hard for the next track meet. First, she seems out of shape, but she runs her fastest record in her second try. Jessie invites Sakura and Madison to her house. She thinks of the Dash as her good-luck charm, but Sakura leaves Jessie's house without seeing the Dash.

Jessie keeps breaking her record every time she runs, that is obviously the work of the Dash Card. Consequently,she qualifies for the next track meet, and the cheerleading squad including Sakura are to be in the stadium for cheering. Sakura still hesitates about capturing the Dash Card.

Next day, Sakura and Madison see Li run to Jessie's house and find the Dash Card. He runs after it in the woods, and Sakura follows him. She still hesitates, so Kero persuades her that winning the race with a magic means a lie. Then Sakura makes up her mind to seal it. The sealed card floats to Li.

In the track meet, depressed as she is, Jessie somehow wins to the final. Getting ready for the start, she sees the Dash jumping at the goal, and so does Sakura. On the starter pistol banging, the sprinters dashes out, and fortunately Jessie win the championship. By the glimpse of Li, Sakura rushes for him to ask about the Dash Card, and then he assures her that Jessie just won on her own ability. So Sakura is delighted with Jessie's victory from her heart.

Changes from CCS Episode 30

CardcaptorsCardcaptor Sakura
Name changes: The ace sprinter's name was Jessie Hamilton, and she named Hoppy to the Dash Card. The ace sprinter was Rei Tachibana, and she called the Dash Card by the name Pyuui.
Sakura already knew of Jessie before. Sakura didn't know of Rei before.
When Sakura is leaving Jessie's house, she said that Jessie shouldn't show her good-luck charm because they call it's bad luck. Mmm... that may be a better reason to refuse Jessie's offer. When Sakura is leaving Jessie's house, she memembered a fictitious thing to do at home.


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