No Way Out


In hurring back home, Sakura almost trips over the cat in the way, but a pretty woman seizes Sakura by the hand to place her back on her feet. She says “See you tomorrow,” when she leaves.

Next day, Sakura's class has a substitute math teacher named Ms. Makenzie, who happens to be the pretty woman Sakura saw the day before. Li is suspicious of her as he senses the strong power from her.

Nikki talks about an amulet bringing good luck, and Sakura thinks one of those amulets may help her capture the Clow Cards. Sakura and Tomoyo then stop at the shrine on their way home where they meet Meilin and Li . Sakura and Li feel someting strange, when a bell rings out of nowhere. Subsequently, four of them get involved in a strange maze appearing in the shrine. The maze is so mysterious that they can not find the exit even though they follow their hands on the wall. When Sakura uses the Fly the wall grows higher, and when she cut it with the Sword it grows back. As if it were furious, the maze shakes like an earthquake, and becomes much more complicated. They find Meilin has displaced to the strange place, and even Li's magic cannot take her back, because the dimensions are completely warped.

Meanwhile, Aiden is anxious about Sakura not coming home, and he called Sakura's school to ask when she left her school. Tori goes out on his bike to look for her.

The three kids lost sight of Meilin while they were walking in the tunnel. Unexpectedly, Ms. Mackenzie takes Meilin back to them, and she breaks the walls to make their way out. Unlike when Sakura did it, the walls do not grow back, so they can walk outside, and Sakura can successfully seal the Maze Card. At this time, Tori comes into the shrine, when Ms. Mackenzie pleads for Sakura. Furthermore, she gives Sakura and Meilin amulets because she somehow knew they want ones.

Changes from CCS Episode 26

CardcaptorsCardcaptor Sakura
According to Ms. Mackenzie's intuition, Sakura goes very well on math. Math is Sakura's least favorite subject.
Sakura wanted an amulet for good luck on her activity as a Cardcaptor. Sakura wanted an amulet for good luch on her love toward Yukito.
Tori hadn't ever met Ms. Mackenzie before. Touya already knows of Ms. Mizuki.


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