Double Take


Sakura wanted to skate after she is done with the shopping, but Tori says they have to start cleaning the house. Meanwhile, this girl looking exactly like her is running in town and playing mischief, like knocking down the display of stuffed animals and pulling down the pencil rack into a mess.

Next morning, Sakura's friends said they saw Sakura's look-alike doing bad things, and Meilin believes it was Sakura. After school, while Sakura is having ice cream with Madison, the look-alike is acting like a menace. When Sakura talks to Kero about her menacing look-alike, he tells her how to ask the Clow Cards for the truth. The procedures Sakura followed results that some Cards already know that Sakura is the Cardcaptor, the identity of the menace is related to Shadow, Watery, and Illusion, and the menace is after what is associated with Flower. Sakura feels that Tori is in danger.

Meanwhile, Sakura's look-alike draws Tori into the woods; she says she has her stuff lost in the woods. As her sense guides her, Sakura runs into the woods, but she lost the track of the presense. Luckily, Li shows up with his Lasin Board searching for the Clow Card, so Sakura asks him to locate her brother using his Lasin Board. At this time, Tori falls off the cliff and sprains his ankle badly unable to walk. Nevertheless, he is still kind not being angry, even though he has already found out she is not Sakura, so the look-alike deeply regrets what she has done. Sakura flies down the cliff, and shows up in front of the look-alike. None of incantations or attack cards do not work on her, even though she is one of the Clow Cards. She is a helix, so Sakura needs to name it in order to seal her. Feeling sorry, the look-alike helps Sakura guess her identity, just copying Sakura's move. The look-alike turns out to be the Mirror, associated with Shadow, Watery, and Illusion.

Sakura determines herself to capture every one of the Clow Cards to stop them from doing mischief.

Changes from CCS Episode 25

CardcaptorsCardcaptor Sakura
As soon as Sakura got back from shopping, Tori drove Sakura hard as a jenitor. When Sakura got back home, Touya was having Yukito cut his hair. Then Sakura also had him trim her hair.
Sakura dropped her batton in her cheerleading practice, and she worried about it. Sakura worried about her double doing bad things, so she couldn't concentrate on anything, and she dropped the batton.
Tori found out the menacing girl wasn't Sakura, but he sounded like he didn't notice she wasn't a living person. Touya knew the identity of the menacing girl who looked exactly like Sakura. Knew even it wasn't a living person.


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