The New Rival


One morning, Kero is pestering Sakura for Zylon Warrior II, quibbling that he need somehow to keep up his fighting srill because he is the guradian beast. She just lets him speak, while she goes downstairs for breakfast. On the way to school, she hears about the news that a girl has been beaten up martial art experts in the park.

Li comes to school later than usual, looking worn out. Sakura's class has a transfer student named Meilin Rae, who seems to be Li's girlfriend, so jealous of Sakura that she challenges Sakura every chance she gets. In PE class, Meilin shows off to Sakura how well she performs cartwheels and free performance. However, Sakura does it as good as Meilin, so Meiling fiercely glares at Sakura.

At the dinner time, the girl who beats up skilled fighters is on the talk. The news paper says that she wears an unusual costume, so Sakura thinks she might be a Clow Card.

When Sakura, Madison, and Kero are waiting for the Card to show up, Meilin appears and says it is the work of the Fight Card. Soon the Fight shows up and challeges Meilin to a fight, because it wants a stronger opponent. The battle starts out advantageous to Meilin, but the situation changes in a minute, when Li jumps into the scene and saves her. But he gets beaten up at the moment of its revenge. Furious Meilin attacks the Fight, but it is too strong for her. Sakura uses the Power Card to strength herself and challenge, and she happens to defeat and seal the Card, just by a lucky shot. After all, she succeeded in capturing the Card, nevertheless Meilin even does not like it.

Changes from CCS Episode 20

CardcaptorsCardcaptor Sakura
Kero was annoying Sakura, pestering her for a new game. In Cardcaptors, he is always talking about food and videogames. Kero was just saying Sakura got up early, and Sakura said she was happy because it was the first day of the new semester.
Meilin is not Li's cousin or fiancée, although she has a big crush on him. Meiling is Li's cousin and fiancée.
Meilin came to Reedington because her father was transferred, which means she doesn't reside in Li's apartment. Meiling came to Tomoeda to be with Syaoran all the time, so she lived with him.
Meilin doesn't like Sakura because she is afraid that Sakura may steal Li. Meilin doesn't like Sakura because she is in the way of Syaoran's capturing things.


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