Double Edged Sword


Sakura seems so depressed that she doesn't even notice when Madison tries to catch up to her. That's because of Li Showron's arrogant comment from the day before. Although Madison tried to cheer her up, she knows she'd be in big trouble if Li hadn't shown up. She is like a cat on a hot tin roof when Li comes in the classroom. She tries to start a conversation with Li beginning from the appreciation for his assist of last night; however, he perplexes her saying not to mess with things she doesn't understand. Like saving Sakura, Zachary the class president appears and gives Li the class duties.
Yeah, this episode is of the day following the capture of Thunder Card, though there were 3 episodes in between. :P

At the end of the class, Mr. Terada ensures they'll have a spelling test next day. He says to Rita that she needs to pass that one. Rita is deeply worried about the spelling test. So, Sakura and Madison decides to help her study. In contrast, Sakura is still sometimes absentminded because of Li. She says it's nothing that a great 360 won't cure, then Madison replies with a smile that she'd rather ride a hundred miles with Li than attemptin a 360.
Oh, no... Rita is totally afraid of the spelling test in Mr. Terada's class. There's no such plot in CCS; Rika in CCS is in love with Mr. Terada, though.
Li Showron is kind of a joke usage to Sakura and Madison, as if expressing how disgusting person they think of Li as. Hmmm, totally different than CCS.

First, they stop at an accessory shop on their way home, and buy a brooch they like: Sakura a heart brooch, Madison a cross brooch, and Rika a sword brooch. Later, Sakura let Madison and Rita in her house, sharing with them the pudding her father made. And they start the spelling quiz for study. But none of them is confident of the spelling of “brooch,” then they put on their own brooch they just bought so they may recall the spell. Mysteriously, Rita got hypnotized as soon as she has worn her sword brooch. The brooch turns into a sword, with which Rita tries to slash Sakura as if she was possessed. The brooch is the Sword Card's temporary form; in short, Rita is taken over by the Card. Sensing the Clow Card, Kero flies downstairs. Even though Rita knows nothing about fencing, she is an expert fencer as long as the Sword Card takes her over.

Sakura dodging successive slash, bearly gets out of her house, but she can not fight back against Rita because she is Sakura's friend. All Sakura does is escape from Rita's attacks. When she is almost slashed, Li blocks her from the attack. Nevertheless, she prevents him from fighting against Rita. However, Sakura uses the Illusion Card to distract Rita by showing her the one she fears the most. Wat she sees is Mr. Terada. Sakura takes the sword off her hand, as she finally seals the Card. Immediately after everything is done, Julian comes to visit Tori, when Li blushes and runs away.
What? Mr. Terada is the one Rita fears the most? That's totally converse! Anyway, because the rommance between the teacher and student is not suitable for kids' anime mean that Nelvana changes the plot like this? I don't quite get it.
This is editted out, but in CCS, Yukito takes Syaoran's hand with roses on their backs as the stage effect. That's why Syaoran (Li) got blushed and ran away.

Next morning, Sakura gives Rita her brooch to compensate for her sword brooch. A little puzzled though she is, Rita accept her sincerity without asking any question.

After school, Sakura gives Julian a chocolate in return for his help from the day before. Syaoran gets upset and runs away.


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