Power's Ploy


That day, Sakura will be having a field trip to the Reedington zoo. When she walks down in the kitchen, Tori watching TV teases her as usual; then she fights back with an insult “Too bad, your brain's all gone to mush.” At that time, TV program is showing the breaking news that the gigantic penguin slide in the park inside the zoo was upended with unknown feat of strength. She got astounded to see the news.
Sakura's revenge against Tori is so hard. Sakura in CCS would never use such an insult. But if it weren't for the insult, I wouldn't have started this website. :P

Sakura meets Julian on her way to the field trip. When passing in front of the park of the terrible incidence, they see TV reporter reporting the scene of the crime. Sakura parts from Julian, as she rollerblades into the zoo.
Hey, Penguin Park was not a part of the zoo in CCS, was it?!
All students come straightly and meet at the zoo? That's different than CCS. In CCS, students went to the zoo by bus from their school.

Mr. Terada assures the kids that the authority said that there's no danger in the park any more. In the field strip, each group of kids is to observe the animal they choose. Sakura's group decides to observe elephants. On the other hand, Li's group's choice is sloths, as Zachary said that sloths are extremely intelligent. Li belives the untrue story. In observing elephants, Sakura hears something in her backpack, which turns out to be Kero hiding in her backpack. At this time, a breaking sound like explosion is heard, as a penguin runs across before her. Definitely, something strange is happening.
Takashi in CCS told his group that sloths move fast once they get going. The fastest ever recoded was the sloth that moves at over 60 miles per hour.
This scene was editted out, but Rika in CCS came and gave her handmade lunch to Mr. Terada. The romance beteen the teacher and student may be no-no in Nelvana regulation.

Reedington zoo is in chaos; everybody in the zoo is running to escape from the unseen danger. Sakura and Madison let their friends make a run, though they run in the zoo to find the scene of the violence. On the way to the scene, she sees zebras escape from the cage. They finally find the mother and baby elephants terrified by the repeating crash and thud on the ground around them. The unseen threat lifts up the mother elephant and hurl her up in the air, and Sakura has the Windy catch her safe. That is the Power Card, that turns out to be the penguin tipper in Penguin Park. When Sakura provokes it just as Kero told her, the Power follows her violently. She has to name the challenge to compete against the Power Card, so she shouts tag-o-war.

Power is so powerful that Sakura is eailly dragged forward. Though Kero tells her to use Windy, she is too busy to do that, when the mother elephant gives her a hand with the rope. Meanwhile, Li stands on a branch up in the tall tree, gazing at the competition. He freezes the moment with the Time Card, pulls the rope off Power's hand, and unfreezes the time. Both Sakura and Power yanked themselves backward, which looks as if Sakura won, then Sakura successfully seals it. Later, Sakura uses the captured Card to place the King Penguin Slide back on its feet.


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