The Cave


Sakura is on her field trip at the seaside. Swimming offshore, she breaks the surface to breathe, as she finds a cave in front which gives her the creeps. But she sees Li standing at the opening of the cave; she doesn't know what's with him. At this time, her friends call her to join them with a beach volleyball, so she swim back to the shore to join them. They enjoy volleyball until Zachary interrupt with his untrue story of valleyball. Mr. Terada gathers all the kids by blowing the whistle. As instructed by the teacher, kids stand in line, grip the rope on the shore, and pull it synchronizedly. The rope is attached to a beach seine, which is full of fish; they have a good haul!

After the lights-out, Sakura's group are talking about the ancient shrine walk they are to have the next night. Though Sakura is pretty scared of it, Nikki begins a scary story about the kids taking on a shrine walk just like themselves. Nikki said that the story is the true story that Zachary told her. Totally scared Sakura cannot fall asleep; she walks outside for refreshing herself, when Li taps her on the shoulder all of a sudden. They sit by the shore, and talk together. According to the talk, Li lives along with his mother's cousin Wei. He says Clow Cards are important to his family because Clow Reed is his ancestor. He added that he doesn't need Sakura's help. Then, she replies she doesn't either.
True story told by Zachary? Impossible. In CCS, Naoko heard of the scary story about the field trip, about which she told the group when the lights out.
When Syaoran tapped Sakura at midnight in CCS, Sakura screamed Hoeee and cried in horror. That scene was editted out in CCS, because the mighty Cardcaptor shouldn't be a wimp like that.
In addition... replying that she doesn't need a help... Sakura in CC really hates to lose, anyway.

Next morning, Madison asks Sakura if she's decided what to leava behind at shrine on the walk. She smirks that she wonders if they leave Li there.
Sakura is still disgusted by Li. It's quite impossible that Sakura in CCS talks that way of Syaoran or other people. Sakura and Madison uses Li as their joke bit.

Next night, the ancient shrine walk begins. Ms. Moore let the kids into the cave, by taking a group of two kids or three at a time. Sakura looks pale before she enters the cave. Madison leads her into the cave by the hand. Strangely enough, they don't see any candle lights from any other kids no matter how deeper they walk in the cave, so Madison feels a little creepy. At this time, they hear Chelsea cry out beyond the bridge, as they run up to the scene. Chelsea and Rita are crying that Nikki vanished, and just before them, Rita and Chelsea vanish. Sakura and Madison run back with horror on the bridge, when Madison vanishes leaving the candle she held. Losing the holder, the candle drops on the bridge, putting fire on the wooden bridge. Hopelessly, Sakura can do nothing but see it burn down. Li runs to Sakura and soothes the hopeless girl being practically upset. It's the work of a Clow Card, as Li mentions. She uses the Float to transport them across the water. When they reach the other side, Li is fading out. Nearly losing her mind, though, Sakura manages to concentrate by Li's instruction, and then pinpoints the active Card being in the old shrine. She swings open the shrine door and seals the Card, which is the Erase Card.
Ms. Moore is the name flip; her original name was Ms. Yukie Kimura.

Next morning, nobody quite remembers what happened in the shrine walk. That's what the Erase Card did, Li explains, the Erase Card erased their memory as well.


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