Time and Again


In the Parent Day, Aiden makes a speech on his work as an archeologist in the auditorium in Sakura's school. He is such a good speaker that there was applause when his speech is over. Li got so interested in ancient Egypt that he asks some questions to Aiden about pyramids.

The clock tower bell in Sakura's school tolls at midnight, when it is not supposed to do. That sound wakes Sakura and Kero up, who have no clue what is happening to the clock tower.

Next morning, Sakura has a music test. She is nervous because she didn't practice sufficiently. She blows it by hitting a wrong note when she is playing the recorder. When Sakura and Madison are talking in the playground, Li walks by practicing the recorder. Sakura, who's been disgusted by Li since the Thunder Card episode, ironically commented “He can walk and play the recorder at the same time. Big deal!” At the moment, a soccer ball comes fly to him. He jumps in reaction and kicks the ball, making a perfect goal. That evening, Aiden recommends Sakura to review the test, therefore she practices playing the recorder until she plays it perfectly.
Did you know that Kero's favorite game is Zylon Warrior? The title of the game wasn't mentioned in CCS. Plus, the enemy is Pinkoid, perhaps because it's pink. Sounds kind of cute! The enemy name wasn't mentioned in CCS, either.
Sakura's character is totally different than CCS. Sakura in CCS wasn't that sarcastic when Syaoran walked by playing the recorder. She worries that Li might trip and fall when playing the recorder.

What happens next day is strange. When restarting the game Zylon Warrior, Kero is shocked that no data is saved though he remembers he saved the data last night. Also strange did Sakura feel in school. As if repeating the same day, she has to take the same music test; she makes it perfect thanks to the practice she had the night before. But nobody knows that they repeat the same day. However, Li is the other one who knows about the repetition, and he says it is the work of the Clow Card that is in the clock tower. Later on that night, Sakura, Madison, and Kero come to school to capture the Card. While approaching the clock tower on the Fly, Sakura gets to know how to sence a Clow Card. According to Kero's comment, the Time Card has merged the clock tower to make itself stronger. Sensing the approaching enemies, the Time winds back a day with its magic.

Sakura retries the next night. This time, Li comes and suggested they sneak into the clock tower instead of making an frontal attack. Sakura succeeded in getting close to the Time Card without being noticed. When she is about to seal the Card, it tries to cast a spell on her; however, she blocks its magic with the Shield Card. When Time Card tries to escape, it gets trapped since Li put the barrier with his incantation cards in advance. Although sealed by Sakura, the Time Card flies to Li because he is the own who disabled its powers.


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