Sakura's Rival


Sakura sees a strange dream, in which there are a radio tower and the Clow Cards floating in the air. A boy in a green robe stands on top of a building. She groans in the dream, so Kero wakes her up. Kero tells Sakura to forget it, but to concentrate on her duty as the cardcaptor.
Aw... Kero talks like a drunk man. Kero in CCS voiced by Aya Hisakawa spoke in a cute voice in Osaka accent, though. But... he didn't mention that Sakura's dream might have been a prophetic dream or things like that. In CCS, he told Sakura that she might see the boy in her dream.

She has a surprising event at school. Her class has a transfer student, who looks exactly like the boy she saw in the dream. The new kid named Li Showron glares at Sakura suspiciously, because he knows that she has some Clow Cards. He summons her to the schoolyard, and tries to take her Cards, then Tori rushes to the scene to protect his sister. When the two guys are almost fighting, Julian shows up, then Li runs away.
When Mr. Terada introduced Li to the class, he didn't mention where the new kid come from; where as in CCS Mr. Terada mentioned that Syaoran came from Hong Kong.

Thick layers of clouds cover the sky when Sakura and Madison are walking home, so they rush into under the Penguin Slide in the park to shelter from the rain. However, it does not rain, they only hear the thunder. Mysteriously, thunderbolt keeps striking mischievously to chase an electrician. Soon the sky gets clear.

On getting back home, Sakura wakes up Kero talking a nap floating in her room, as she talks about the new kid in school. According to Kero's comment, Li Showron is a direct descendant of Clow Reed who created the Clow Cards. Listening to Kero, Sakura is confused that she should've given him the Cards, but Kero assures her that she shouldn't as she is the chosen Cardcaptor. At this time, Madison phones Sakura and says that the sky is covered by the mysterious clouds.
Slightly different than CCS that Li is direct descendent of Clow Reed; in constrast, in CCS, Syaoran is of the lineage descended from Clow Reeds mother.

Meeting Madison outside, Sakura is dressed in a poink outfit with cat's ears and tail. Kero remarks the disturbance is the work of the Thunder Card. Sakura flies chase the Card onto the roof her school. When she has still no clue how to seal it, Li shows up and visualize the Thunder with his magic. When Li calls Sakura as pathetic because she doesn't have enough knowledge about the Cards, she doesn't like his attitude. Following Li's instruction, she uses the Shadow Card, and successfully seals the Thunder Card. Li turns on Sakura when he says that she does not deserve to be a Cardcaptor. After he walks away, Sakura mumbles "Yeah, this is only the beginning," from her competitiveness.
Unlike CCS, Sakura isn't modest at all. She said to Li, "Back off," when he visualize the Thunder Card, and she got competitive against him who called her pathetic. In contrast, Sakura is so modest in CCS that she didn't speak back when Syaoran mentioned that she knew nothing about the Cards. Furthermore, at the end of the episode, she got depressed by Syaoran's severe comment on her capture.


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