Revelations Part I


The Light Card shall be the key to break Eli's spell, which should be transformed together with the Dark Card. Since those cards are so powerful that Sakura can't transform them on her own, Keroberos and Yue offer to empower the staff by getting inside it. However, if the cards can't be transformed they'll be trapped inside forever. Sakura can't decide to take such a risk. Keroberos told her to believe in the cards and in herself, when the two guardians get into the staff. The empowered staff grows longer and is ornamented gorgeously with a star and wings. Sakura tries to transform the cards, then the wavefront of her magic goes upward the cards. After the wavefront crossed the halfway, the wavefront goes up and down no matter how hard she tries. When she almost gives up, Li holds her arm from behind to channel his power. Thanks to Li's assistance, the two final cards has successfully been transformed. The Light Card getting activated, fills the light over all the celestial sphere breaking Eli's magic. It's finally over, Eli smiles contendedly. Keroberos and Yue comes back out of the staff, followed by Madison wakeing up from Eli's spell. Eli commented that all of the cards belong to Sakura all alone. When Keroberos demand Eli for explanation, he and his guardians are already gone.
Unlike the Japanese version, the showndown against Eli is continued to the final episode. One more difference is that Li never confesses his feelings to Sakura. Perhaps he doesn't have romantic feelings toward Sakura in Cardcaptors.

Next morning, Eli doesn't show up in school. Mr. Terada announces that he is transferring back to his school in England. Sakura decided to visit him with Madison and Li after school. To her astonishment, when they get to his house Eli is wating for them setting up a tea party with their gaurdians. Sakura asks him for explanation about the strange things that have been happening. He explains all the distubances he made were the challenges to pass for her to become the true master. First, she transform the staff into the one to use her inner star's power. Next she had to devise her own incantation to call her power; that was why Eli trapped her inside the whirlpool of water pillar. When she impulsively tries to transform all of the cards at once, he taugh her a lesson to be patient. But there wasn't much time. The Cards need to draw the powers from the new master, otherwise they'd lose their powers, Eli explains.
Unlike the Japanese version, short flashbacks were inserted every little story Eli explains. The number of inserted flashbacks is four.

Eli told Sakura and the others the truth that someone was helping him. His coworker steps in the room; it is Layla Mackenzie. She was gone to England indeed, but she has been helping Eli. For example, she gave Sakura the one last chance to retry the final judgement using the Clow Reed's bell.
One more flashback! I guess the explanation doesn't need any flashback, though. If what Li said was true, Eli needed someone's help because Eli's power is not as strong as Clow Reed's. In the Japanese verison, Eriol's magic is the same as Clow Reed's.

Yue is upset outside the room not joing the party. Eli steps outside the room to talk to him. He is still angry that Clow Reed forced the gaurdians to choose and approve the new master even though he knew he'd be reincarnated. Eli replies that he is no Clow Reed even though he has the inherited memory from his former life. Just like Clow Reed made the guardian choose the new master, the wizard needed Eli to test Sakura to make sure she was worthy being for the master.
Hey, does that mean that Sakura wasn't approved to be the master even though she won the final judgement and that she needed to pass the test Eli made? The Master-of-Clow system in Cardcaptors is tougher than in the Japanese version.

Sevel days later, being upset Li tells Sakura that he has to go back home that weekend. That's because his mother told him to do so, since nothing strange ever happens after Sakura's become the proven master. Sakura wants him to stay in Reedington because she thinks she managed to fulfill her destiny baceuse of Li's help.
Li has to go back home without confessing his feelings, unlike Japanese version.

Getting back to her house depressed, Sakura stads still in the middle of her room. Sakura is crying; A teardrop fell on the floor as a strong magic power arises, which forms a new Star Card. Just a look at the new Card, she slightly smiles there maybe hope to see him again. The new card is the Hope Card.
It was never mentioned in the show, but Sakura was in love with Li, wasn't she? That's because she cried when she knew Li would be away, and she didn't cry to know Eli was leaving.
Unlike Japanese version, the new card already has its name. In the Japanese version, the new card was nameless at the TV series and it got its name at the final scene of the movie presented after the TV series.


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