Revelations Part I


When she was back in the past, Sakura saw Keroberos and Yue in Eli's house together with Clow Reed. Nevertheless, both of the two guardians don't remember that they've been there. Their memories might have been erased, Sakura gasped. But by whom? At that time, someone who's come by offers to tell the truth. It is Eli accompanied by Spinny (in his tiny form) and Ruby (in her schoolgirl form). Eli enchanting his magic key, the key turns in to a staff ornamented with the sun, while the two turn into his guardians: Spinner Sun and Ruby Moon. Eli tells Sakura that his name in his past life was Clow Reed.
The flashback where Clow Reed announced his death to the guradians is inserted for Sakura to explain she saw Keroberos ans Yue were in Eli's house. There's no flashback in the original version.

The time has come! Eli throws the entire world into darkess. Sakura and the others see the darkness develop eclipsing the sun and the moon; subsequently, Madison falls a sleep. It's that Eli made people all over the world into sleep at the same time. Responding to Sakura who asks what he did that for, he gives her the quest to break his spell. If she doesn't break it until the sunrise, the entire would will suffer a horrible fate; the people will never wake up still left in the darkness.

Since Sakura hesitates to fight Eli, he commands his guradians to induce her with her will to fight. At that time, Yue comes fly with Tori under his arm; Tori is sleeping under Eli's magic. Sakura's guardians fight back Eli's, but Spinner and Ruby Moon are more powerful because of their master's strength. Sakura gets depressed when Ruby Moon mentions of that point. However, she makes up her mind to fight back. Eli blasts fire of magic to Sakura. She dodges the magic with the Jump Card and the Fly Card. When the fire blasted catches up on the wing on her back, Sakura crashes with her head down on the shrub. Keroberos and Yue thrust away Eli's guardians with their spirits in order to check if she's okay, absolutely showing their strong loyalty to Sakura.

When she gets back to herself, she finds the Cards floating around her. There are still eight Cards left to be transformed. One of them might be the clue to break Eli's spell, she thinks; she tried to transform them all at once. Eli is impressed with her power that has grown that strong, since she successfully transorms plural cards without exhasting herself. However, the Light and the Dark Cards remain unchanged. Remembering what the Light Card said before, Sakura is sure that the Light Card is the one with which to break Eli's spell. Hopelessly, no matter how many times she tried, the Light Card won't be transformed. Keroberos suggest she transform the Light and the Dark together at once since those cards are always together. She can't transform even one of them but how can she transform them both? Keroberos and Yue offord to get inside the staff to empower it even stronger. They can be back out of the staff when she's succeeded in transforming the both. But if she fails, they'll be trapped inside forever.
Yes, this episode comes to a pause here with the subtitle To Be Continued. The episode 69 in the original version fully contained the scene where Sakura succefully broke Eriol's spell.


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