Sakrua's Return To The Past


Thinking that Sakura has transformed almost all of the Cards, Eli decided what to do for his final mission. He writes his decision on a sheet of paper which he encloses in an envelope. Later on that night, Sakura is in the battle against hundreds of tiny snow men which hurl snow balls. When she's nearly buried under the snow accumulated by those snow balls, Sakura getting mad calls upon the Snow Card to defeat the tiny snow men. Keroberos sings a praise of Sakura's magic, but Yue doesn't like it when he says that she needs long way to go before catching up with Clow Reed.

Sakura can't fall a sleep in wondering if what Yue said was true. One more thing; Kero tells her about the day when Clow Reed died, when it snowed like that night. The moment he mentions that Clow Reed could be alive causing those strange things, Sakura agrees in gasping. Then she decided to go to the past before Clow Reed died to ask him about the strange occurences which have been happening since she became the master.

Just as Kero's advice—against Li's warning—with the help of the magical cherry tree in the shrine, she jumps into the past. She sees Keroberos and Yue are looking at the cherry tree which won't bloom in spite of the spring. Walking into the garden, Clow Reed has the Flower Card bring the full bloom to the tree. Later, he mentioned that there's always the end for living things.
Might be it's better than the original version that Clow Reed mentioned in this secne that there's always the end for living things. That is the preliminary clue to his death.

Sakura dozes off before she knows it. It's already summer when she wakes up; Keroberos and Yue are sleeping beside her. She asks Clow Reed about the strange things. Knowing Sakura came from the future, he replies that he has something to do with the occurences in some way, but in some way he doesn't. Clow continues that the seasons change just like passing time, and that people have their destiny so they must move on; until he disappears.
Clow Reed in CC is much more educational than in CCS, isn't he.

In search for Clow Reed, Sakura was in a mansion, where she finds Clow is talking to the guradians. He is sitting in the same chair Sakura saw in Eli's house before. Clow tells the guradians that his life time is almost up. He asks Yue to be the judge and Keroberos to be the Elector of the new master to take care of them. Subsequently, the scene shifts to a steller sky, where she was alone with Clow Reed. He assures her that when she loses her way, her star will shine bright and guide her the way.

Returning to the present time, Sakura emerges from the magical cherry tree. She reported that she saw Clow Reed, Kero and Yue at Eli's house. Neverthess, Kero doesn't remember he has been to his house. Yue hasn't mentioned being Eli's house before, either. Li pointed out someone might have erased their memories. Then by whom?


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