Just Like Old Times


Students in Sakura's class are in the courtyard for painting in the art class. Li is watching Sakura and Eli talking happily; Eli notices being watched but Sakura doesn't. Madison walking behind him asks what he's looking them for, as he replies he needs to be sensitive for strange things that are happening in Reedington. It seems he can get the pattern of the strange things just by looking. At the very time, unexpected Meilin come in front of them.

Hey, they dubbed the episode like that again! In CCS, Syaoran is watching Sakura since he likes her, and that's all.

As Li explains, Meilin won't stay long since she comes by accident. But hearing from Li, she convinced herself that Sakura needs her help. When Sakura comes to see her in excitement, the two girls make a promise to meet after school at the gate.

Meilin just drops by? Even though she needs to take a plane when she gets back home? In CCS, since Syaoran told Mailing that he has somthing to tell her next time they meet home, impatient Mailing impulsively took a plane for Japan.

When Sakura phones Kero to tell him that she'll be home late, he was busy with playing Space Destroyers (videogame). Against what she reported Meilin, he barked that he doesn't need the help from someone without magical powers. When Sakura hangs up Eli is climbing up the stairs right behind her. Hearing that Sakura is meeing up Meiling after school, he chuckles saying it's good to hear.

Oh, title of the videogame was not mentioned in the Japanese version. Anyway, the titles kind of sounds like the imperial capital ship in Star Wards... (That's Star Destroyer, though...)

Sakura, Li, and Madison meet Meiling after school. When they are walking past the penguins slide of the park, Sakura and Li senses Clow Reed's presence. Subsequently, the stone penguins and the penguin slide leapt to attck the four kids. Meilin fights them with her king-fu, but the stone penguins are harmful to punch. Li's incantation doesn't work except the first try. When Meiling suggests Sakura use the Freeze Card, Sakura succeeds in quieting the mysterious occurrence. They find that no one is around the scene whenever strange things are happening. Li pointed out that it's possible if a powerful magician is behind.

After the battle, Meilin got depressed when she felt she wasn't needed because she has no magical powers. In CCS, Mailing got shocked to know Syaoran called Sakura by her first name.

That night, Meilin is talking to Li on the balcony. She said to him that he is needed by Sakura even though he isn't the master of the Clow. Actually, she is upset knowing she was mistaken that she was needed. Furthermore, she gets angry that he didn't say anything about it. After quick sipping the tea made by Wei, desperate Meilin takes off to sleep over at Madison's house.

Uh-oh... the plot relating with romance was completedly altered. In CCS, Mailing got upset when she knew Syaoran likes Sakura instead of herself. As you guess, the scene where Meilin cries her heart out in Madison's house can never be included in CC.

Next day, Li and Wei are in the airport to see Mailin off. When saying good-bye, Li manages to confess that he thanked her help in capturing the Clow Cards when she was around. Hearing his confession, Meilin smiles when boarding the plane. A few days later, Meilin says Sakura and Madison (with a letter and an e-mail) that she and Li made it up with each other.

This episode is a lousy dub. Anything about romance (of Syaoran and of Mailing) is completely editted and altered to something about Clow Cards and magic. I kind of am impressed that they (Nelvana) made up such a different plot using the same anime film.


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