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Li comes home lonsomely at the time of sunset. These days, he's been in distress with two things. The one is that Sakura is the master of the Clow Cards; the other is the transfer student Eli. It is difficult to accept that Sakura has passed the final test though he is a direct descendent of Clow Reed. To shake off such envious feeling, he starts training with his sword desperately---but he gets soon pulled back into reality questioning himself what his training is for, when the Clow Cards have all been sealed. He totally regrets his final test where he couldn't match Yue's power and that he blew it by calling the Time Card which was under Yue's control.
Oh no... Li thinks Sakura as the rival and that's all, doesn't he? In CCS, Syaoran was in distress of romantic feelings to Sakura. But... anyway... how many flashbacks did Nelvana inserted? Four FBs! I'm fed with them. The corresponding original episode includes no flashbacks, though.

Next morning, Sakura and Madison are planning to go to the museum to see Egyptian mummies. Poor Rita can't afford to join them, even though she really wants to, bucause of her piano recital coming up soon. Instead, Eli says he wants to join them. Sakura tells him that they'll meet at school next day and take the bus together. At that time, Li comes in the classroom in sort of angry mood. Sakura talks to him about the exhibit hoping him to join the plan. Finally, he half reluctantly join them.
Egyptial mummies... Wasn't Teddy Bear exhibition? How should they (Nelvana) change the exhibition?!

In the recess, Li eavesdrops Sakura and Madison worry that Li seems not to like Eli very much. That's why Sakura planned the visit to the museum in order to make them friends by spending more time together. During his eavesdropping, Li let Eli stand behind him unexpectedly; thereby Li gets uppset and runns out of school. In dashing through the park, he bumps into Yue floating down in front, who tells that Li's role relating to Clow Card has been prolonged because Sakura will need his powers more than she used to. In getting back home, he begins thinking that Yue may be right, by recalling he helped Sakura in capturing the Cards many times such as the cases of Move Card and the Loop Card. Plus, he couldn't trust Eli... He convinces himself that he cannot leave Reediington as long as Eli is around.
Unlike the counterpart in CCS, Sakura CC found that Li dislikes Eli and planned the visit to the museum to make them frieds. The floaty Sakura in CCS would never act that way.
In CCS, Yue explains Syaoran that he was attracted by Yukito because of the magic attributed to Moon---in other words, Syaoran is not a gay... XP
Moreover... 3 more disgusting flashbacks added in the scenes corresponding to this paragraph.

Next day, Sakura's gang including Li visited the museum as planned. After they enjoy tons of exhibits, they take a break at the cafe in the museum. The topic of their talk shifts from the exbit to the social science project. For some reason, Eli asks if Li has seen something strange lately. How he talks irritates him, Li feels. When Sakura suggests that they go see the last exhbit, Li turns around to go back home. Surprised Sakura following him gets on the elevator cab with him. By Eli's mischievous magic, the elevator shuts enclosing Sakura and Li before Madison and Eli has caught up. Just beccause Eli's magic is behind, the emergence phone is dead and the light is turned off. Li set a fire with his incantation card to cheer Sakura up. However, at the next minute, the fire goes out, the elevator shakes off and the wall and the floor disappears. To make the matter worse, Sakura falls deep inside the shaft. When Li desperately shoults her name, she floats back with the Float Card which has been just transformed. At this time, everything comes back to normal; the elevator door opens.
Hauuu... Very sadly, completely editted out is the scene where Sakura's gang are walking through exhibit! OK, no wonder that the exhibit is of Egyptian mummies... not Teddy Bears. Anyway... how would it look like if Sakura danced with Egyptian mummies to the rhythm of the sonf Kini Naru Aitsu.

In returning home, Li's cell phone rings; it's from his mother. The mother who knows everything about the Final Judgement tell him to stay in Reedington to help Sakura, just as how Yue said to him the day before. On the other hand, Eli has decided he'll take care of Li who's been kept an eye on him every time he plans to do someting.
Throughout this episode, the phone call from Li's Mother was Nelvana's adoption. In CCS version, the phone calls are all from Sakura.


I just have to stress that this episode is a lousy dub! Many many disgusting flashbacks were inserted, and the lovely elements such as Teddy Bears were changed into something else. I really wonder why they had to change the plot so badly.

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